WtB: cheap paint job

just bought the turbo shadow back, it needs a cheap paint job…
who wants to do it, and how much?

that deserves a krylon job more then any other car in this galaxy

im thinking maybe manko $200 job?
I dont care if it looks good I just want it all one color

Go to Home Depot Motorsports. You’ll get all the supplies you need for less then $20. Flat Black is my vote!

ill layout flames for free if u buy the thin tape

who wants to help paint it flat black?
help me sand it i’ll buy the beer, and theres a pool here so we can go swimming after

ohh btw it won’t be going on the road for at least a week so I wana get it done before then

Flat Black looks really nice when it rains too!!

lol just buy a can of dax and rub it on there, it’ll always look like it rained