WTB: OEM 1g DSM oil filter

for my turbo 4g63

anyone have one? or wanna pick one up for me?


you are so lazy

Just go to shudder Dan Georger Mitsu. 2 for $11.98

Going places is hard without a car

So do you want the OEM Mitsu oil filter sitting in my garage that I offered you yesterday?

Call me tonight after 11pm and I’ll drop it off for you.

while you have the oil filter off see if the part that the oil filter is screwing on to is loose, if so tighten it up good. I have seen this on a couple cars lately i am not sure as to the cause if it is just vibration and heat or the added heat in the oiling system from the fact that they are modded

Good point. I mentioned that over the phone too.

He still hasn’t called me about the FREE OEM filter sitting in my garage :shrug:

Why not a Wix, both Carquest and Napa sell them

Wix makes excellent filters…

Howie is a slacker… You should know this by now.

I was going to bring up the Wix as well. I actually cut one of each with the same mileage on it and found some key diferences from the mitsu…Wix has a silicone/steel anti drain back valve, and the oe has a completley rubber valve. Also the filter element was much thicker and more durable. The mitsu filter element was easily tearable and the wix had a very strong feel to it. The steel casing of the filter is a little bit thicker gauge than the OEM, and the inner casing has a spiral grove pressed into it for better oil circulation while the Mitsu was just perforated. Just some food for thought.

All my years of selling parts and fixing stuff I have found the top filters are Hastings, Wix, and believe it or not AC Delco

a magazine did a review of oil filters and wix was near the top i think …ill have to dig up the article