WTB: Oil Catch Can

Anyone have a decent oil catch can they want to part with? I just pulled my injectors out, they have been in 2k and they are covered with oil sludge (baked on too, im surprised they were still firing). It’s a common problem with LS1 PCV systems, so obviously a catch can is in order.

I would order one, but I do not want to wait. Anyone?

I have a nice moroso spun aluminum one you need a filter for the top tho, or you could just run a screen

comes with AN fittings ,hose , has a mounting bracket and even has a drain on it

pic right next to my airfilter


think it was like 150 new
make me a decent offer

take it. i also have a link to a really good one, its not quite as cheap, but its baffled and designed to work very well. LMK if you want the link

I’ll take that link


I forgot to add mine is also baffled

if Daniels doesn’t take that I will.

stallmer offered me 50 for it