WTB: R/C Airplane -

Post what you got and how much…

Jack, trust me you dont want one everytime you fly it you might as well light cash on fire

yep. start with r/c cars…they are an easy way to see if you like the hobby

have you flown an r/c(any) plane before? i could probably point you in the right direction.

I seem to remember him selling some RC cars here a while back.
Depends on how much you want to spend Jack. I would start with a cheap electric motor beginner plane that you can crash a bit and not lose too much money fixing. A good one is this plane.
The rear prop is a good feature so that you arent constantly replacing props after you crash. Plus the replacement parts like wings and tail etc are avaialable and cheap.
If you already have experience, then go nitro for sure.
I do have my old electric plane, but its way too beat up to sell to anyone…LOL

go to hobbytown usa. they have a nice selction of electric starter planes until you get the hang of flying. its a little tricky at first.

My son has a 40 sized nitro trainer, put together, never started, so it would need broke in and everything. It was a complete redy to fly package from tower hobbies. He even bought an electric started for it. Not sure if he is interested in selling, I will check with him, and let me know if you are into something that big.

search craigslist, i actually just saw a bunch…

Just picked one up today…Went way over budget : /

pics to come

I was goign to say i’d sell you my T-MAxx

My T-Maxx > your T-Maxx

Lets see it big boy


there it is

How hard is it to fly?

I’ll let you know. I will know if its catastrophic within the first 30 seconds. It has full flap, aileron, elevator and rudder control. The flaps can keep it up at about 10mph and cruising is about 40mph. Shouldn’t be to bad.

You bought a float plane for your first RC plane? You should have just lit the money on fire like previously stated.

Too many things too worry about especially with a beginner.

Should have started with an electric RTF or ARF, or if you wanted a nitro plane, stated with a .40 trainer ARF with a flat bottom airfoil.

it has landing gear also… it is an electric ARF.

I have already had 2 trainers before this, one nitro one electric.

Time to step up - this is in no way money burned - but thanks for acting like a nagging fucking wife

gl bro, wish i could see the maiden voyage that ends in a big splash :hitit:

LOL I’m a nagging wife yet the first few posts were ok in this thread? Ok fuck stick.

You never answered the one guy’s question if you ever flew, you just went out and said “here is what I bought” showing a float plane. Others were telling you to go to R/C cars.

I give you sound advice based on lack of information and even asked you if that was your “FIRST PLANE?” and stated for a beginner. Key word ask.

This --> “?” / is called a question mark.
This --> “You bought a float plane for your FIRST R/C PLANE?” / Is a question

I guess actually reading a thread to see who was really bashing you was too much work.