wtb: softball glove DELETE: FOUND

i am playing in a summer league and a: don’t feel like paying a lot of money for a glove i will be too drunk to remember using, and b: don’t feel like going through the break in period. i am right handed, lmk if you have anything kicking around.

go to the goodwill or go garage sale shopping. im sure you will find one, lol.

please remove. done.

Where and what nights are you playing?

I’m playing on tuesday nights, starting tonight.

<---- as well

In Buffalo? My first game is at Father Conway Park in the ghetto.

i play tonight too. you guys in bar leagues?

also, i think played at father conway park last year, iirc. tonight is the first game for me too.

buff state i believe,

i’d hope there will be beer.

i want to say i am playing on south park tonight. and i am also hoping for beer.

Anyone play in the Lakawana league?

Hahaha, father conway park is sooo ghetto. Oh well, it was still a prettyt fun game.

Hit up Malamute after the game. Can’t beat 6 dollar pitchers of blue light and tasty-urinated-on popcorn.