WTB: turbo accs

wut up all,

well, i’ve finally started build my fc3s, and i need a couple things i sold a few yrs back when i killed my 1st project…

wut i need:

38mm wastegate (needs to hold atleast 10psi)
blow off valve (10-25psi rating)
Guages—. a/f and boost
SAFC with all wiring and wiring diagram

--------not turbo related------

a set of 99 acura integra headlights, stock is fine but would prefer projector style…

working condition is a must, dont have the money to waste…
let me know wut you have

blow off valves are rated by vacuum not pressure - unless it’s adjustable you should be ok. Figure out how much vacuum your car pulls if you are going with a non-adjustable spring style otherwise you might get compressor surge like a mutha

I have a 1g BOV that I have no need for.

I have a HKS ssqv knock off, brand new in the box…$40 and I also have a silver face autometer air fuel gauge…$40… or $75 for both…Send me a PM if interested.

i have a new liquid filled autometer boost gauge, with the black metal pod and line, 60$