WTFwas that?...a Tornado in Buffalo??

On Lake Rd, Abbot and Milestrip in the Blasdell / Orchard Park area

I saw it when I was on Lake rd. on my way to BAC…anyone???

crazy shit

all i saw was a crap load of rain …and i was in the library and left my sunroof partially open…bah…luckily no water go it somehow haha

was there an actual funnel?

Juan…eres loco :stuck_out_tongue:

im in o.p at work and that was the craziest hardest hail/rain i think ive ever seen earlier holy shit and it looks like on the radar another is on the way off the lake!!

:wtf: Nothing in Lancaster!

so ya i just looked out side…

pouring rain

i have no doors on the j33p

just went outside to the j33p

seats really soaked

about 2" of standing water

cant wait to drive home.

well, I was going to type this earlier but both times as I was typing my power went out.

I was sitting down stairs and all of a sudden a huge lightning bolt hit the power line in front of my house, there was 2 fires in the middle of lake ave and the line broke in 4 places. I just drove by were the big fires were ( which was about 2-3 hours ago ) and the ground is still smoking where one of the lines landed.

And I guess Chuck. E Cheeses roof is gone or something next to BJ’s plaza across from the mckinley mall sort of…

crazy ish

i gotta go check that out if its true, sweet

A bunch of tree branches and a few electric poles on a very small area

we havent got electricity in my house since 5pm…until now

Nothing exciting by me out at work today. Ground is parched as hell as it hasn’t rained at all in the past 2 weeks, and we lost power today fora good hour or so, but the generator kicked on.