Xander vs. Poopra

“Dude, I almost had you!” :lol:

Notes: Single Turbo RX-7 vs. Single Turbo Supra, pump gas, highway pulls. 50 to well over 150. Supra pulls at the top end every time. :tup:


P.S. Mike post the Vids.

pump gas & low boost is for pussies… lets see what they can really do!

wow! cant wait to see the videos!

very descriptive kill, vid or I will delete post. :eek:

oh so there IS video, i wanna see i wanna see :slight_smile:

:tup: to both cars, they are hot

AHHHH :tspry:

Im glad you were both sober long enough to race…I guess you were in a hurry to get to the bar :slight_smile:



A combined HP of 1000+ I hope.

vidz or ban. and i drop a 500 lb JDAM on your cribs

its been 3 hours where are the fucking vids?


Mike has the vids, I’m sure he’ll post them later to show off his mad tuning skills.


Damm that must have been a good race

I guess the shit talking by X has come to an end. I know it was just his way of getting Spence to finish the poop mobile. Nice stuff guys!

aren’t all those import supercahz supposed to be living in harmony, why the hate? :gotme: :lol:

Musta been sweet to watch :tup:

was a very good race, xander actually took me the first time when he got a little jump on me. Theres no room for error when we race, couldnt reel him in. But once we got a equal start I slowly pulled away. I dont think x is going to lose any other races though unless he runs into some simlar car making around 600 ponies at the crank.

Maybe X will shut up for awhile now ha ha

no way :rofl: its not possible, damm that must have been fun, too very fast cars, and a good race = fun. Waiting for vids…

My guess is that X has cancelled all appointments for the day, and is researching what else he needs to get a leg up.

Nice to see two good friends elevating the game to a whole new level.

Vids dangit!

hahaha thats what i thought

“noooo spence can’t win” lol