xp home edition

anyone have an image or a cd i can install, cant find any downloads for it.

get utorrent and do a search on torrent sites.

yo do know that just about every copy of an OS on a torrent site has a ton of spyware and shit slipstreamed into it right? torrents blow

plus i have had it sitting for about 2 weeks searching so that why i asked if any of you had one LOL

i have one… pre-sp2

if you still need it i could host it or meet / hand it off.

cool location?

I’ve got an SP2 image as well if needed, can burn to CD.

Lemme know if Sonny’s deal falls through.

i’m in sq hill or can host it online… i’ll dig it out this weekend when I clean up my computer crap… then i can burn a copy or host it for download.


sounds good

ready to host, or i can pick up cd?

slipstream it with SP2 to save you much time…

oh i suck… i do have it, i can host later or we can do the pickup… sorry!

it’s at my place, i’ll report back tonight when i get home