Yanking the turbo van motor.......


bonus: sweet shot of my new badgeless grill


how did you become a mod? you cant even resize a pic :slight_smile:

i like big, long, pics

Hotttttt. I didnt know that engine had the exhaust and intake on the same side

I’ll bet that does get quite hottttttttt. I could see int. exh, manifold gaskets weekly with a high boost setup.

Must be a Chrysler thing, my dad’s POS Jeep is the same way… IAT’s have gotten be on the low… Heh…

8v technology at its best… and the gaskets never go

ive been in your bang bus before, i like it, you need something for a differential. Otherwise i love the super obscure cars that is awesome :tup:

that van is dead now… the motor lives on in another… suprized no one noticied it…

FRAM filters = YUCK, anyways do you have any use for a 2.2/2.5 liter cap and rotor, because I am ready to throw this shit out. It has been sitting in my parts cabinet for a long ass time

I like the badgeless grill

whats the motor going in snky?

project redneck rampage

…anything to do with that Dodge Spirit wheel on the ground?


I think those are turbo van wheels x, same as spirit R/t rims, put that in you pipe and poop on it

wtf is that next to the van in the first pic? is that what the motor is going into?


Oh noes your building a car truck! Project el camino dodge style

Bet your going on a real RAMPAGE with that project


vans with turbos…i love it