you know your town is boring if you protest girls in bikini's

omg … close the beache’s too ! bikini’s are gonna ruin the america’s

Their homemade signs read Don’t like it? Don’t go!, I love exotic dancers!! and There are bigger fish to fry.

Russell Fitzsimmons, 18, of Valrico explained the latter sign by saying he thought the protesters should concentrate on more important issues: “We have a war going on right now.”

very smart. I’d join them if i was there :tup:

“The bar will attract crime, said organizer Terry Kemple, former executive director of Florida’s Christian Coalition.”


people really have nothing better to do with themselves…

another reason why europe >US , lol

no one makes a big deal about showing skin or a bunch of other things that americans think will worsen their communities and polute their childrens minds…please :roll:

I vote more bikinis. More bikinis = happy people

<— pro-bikini since 1981

OMG!!! not bikinis in florida ugghh nooooooo!



ye arealy … the beache’s can be full of bikini’s , the street’s can be full of bikini’s … but bikini’s in the bar’s … shit no’s … thats gonna attract the criminal’s

lol…is there crime around Rick’s Tally Ho? (aside from public drunkeness?) I think the protestors were all old ladies that are jealous of the hot chicks that can actually wear bikinis. :slight_smile:

hahahaha. werd.

did I not just make one of the worst threads ever about the pac sun shirt that incorrectly said " I <3 BIKINI’S " on it… and I see this thread about a town protesting girls in bikini’s. fantastic.

I protest anything plural with an apostrophe in it.

hence this thread with all my bad punctuation’s on all the word’s that’s i can think of to use in the sentance’s

EDIT: and oh yea, i found that story because i was looking to see if there was anyplace on the web where people had used “bikini’s” instead of the proper spelling, and i thought it was mildly entertaining that they would protest an outfit so normal simply because its worn by a girl on stage, instead of on a beach

you are evil

and entertaing to all the people’s who know me … all the ladie’s yell my nick-name’s when i arrive to toss back some drink’s and cause some laugh’s

doesnt amerca have a higher percentage of obese people than any other counry?

hot girls in bikinis=happy people

bah it is a bar… they look thinner after you drink enough…

wow thats just sad…their only ppl in bakinis…how is that raising crime? lmfao