you people all suck and your cars are slow!!

:wave: now that I have your attention. I wanted to let my old friends know that I had to register to check out the completed FD and Poopra pics and video as well as the other automotive related stuff.

I won’t bore you with more details about me because most of you all know who I am anyway.

Howie, how do I get pre-emptively banned from OT??


Wecome :wave:



:wave: Checking up on Me and my Dawg :tup:


4 cylinders are always slow, duh dumbie :wave:

Hey man, nice to hear from ya :wave:

you think you are all cool with your “ess tea eye” well it sucks. gtfo. :wave:


You don’t wanna get banned from OT, trust me :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s comedy in OT Kev :wink:

lol…what upppppp :wave:

Hi Kevin

yowza, it’s mr california.
Howdie and welcome to the speed…
My car is slow… but IMHO I dont suck.

What if I do suck, and yes my car is slow. . .so what?

HAHA Welcome, welcome!

what up dude, hows cali… ready for snow drift?

what up man

whatup kevin, hows sunny cali treatin ya?

Don’t you have a rally to crew for, or something like that! :stuck_out_tongue:

que pasa? :wave: