Your connected car & apps are tattling on you to your insurance carrier

The Times highlighted the case of Kenn Dahl, the driver of a leased Chevrolet Bolt, who learned he and his wife’s driving habits were being tracked when an insurance agent told him in 2022 that his LexisNexis report was a factor behind his insurance premium jumping 21%.

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Not The Bee picked up on the story today too:

It’s not just your car, but that apps you use too:

The smartphone apps collecting driver data may not be obvious at first glance. One, Life360, is used by parents to keep track of their children. MyRadar offers weather forecasts. GasBuddy helps people save on fuel costs.

From the Toyota / Lexus app;

The report had two parts. A driving summary included Mr. Leathern’s mileage, how many times his car’s safety systems had been engaged and the number of times he had braked and accelerated at a rate “that insurers view as harder than necessary for defensive driving.”

There was also a Microsoft Excel file with time-stamped lists of his every offending event and the latitude and longitude for where they occurred. In the speeding tab, for example, there were more than 200 second-by-second entries for the handful of drives during which Mr. Leathern had exceeded 85 miles per hour.

Two apps you don’t have to worry about: Google Maps and Waze. Google, which owns both apps, said it doesn’t provide driving data that’s linked to individuals to third parties.

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How do they know who is driving though? What if you’re in the car teaching your kid how to drive?

Insurance is on the car, not the driver, so they don’t care who is driving. They just care how the car they’re insuring is being driven.

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I took the drivewise device out of my cars years ago, my parents still use theirs.

My Mustang has FordPass which is now on every Ford Vehicle. You can lock/unlock etc and tells you when services are due. My older Focus uses DroneMobile for the autostarter. Not sure if these apps are tracking me or relaying information to my insurance.

According to CompuStar marketing, no, they don’t sell your data to LexisNexis.

Be very careful on the settings on your Ford…