zer0daze > krazyjon

rolled up to him in the ford teh other day (they race those things in nascar, they must be fast)

he looks over, gives me that look. you know the one… that “i just ate dim sum and need to shit my brains out” look.

light goes green, and he hammers it. i was at the light; stunned. i could not believe the speed at which that car lept off the line. i scramble to get the egg going through my usless 1st gear, and into second.

we are now side by side. the ford pounding the pavement like nothing i have ever seen. it was like back to the future, with the road on fire behind him.
i shift into 3rd, and some how, some way, the sohc managed to pull away from him. kinda like the space shuttle exiting orbit.

it was amazing.

It’s not fair, he had more dim sum in him than you did.

It’s not fair, you got the jump.

It’s not fair, you have a turbo.

It’s not fair, you’re lighter (albeit not by much) than him.


yea, but they race those things in nascar yo… he totally had the upper hand

thats BS… i hit the revlimiter and the car still wasent movin’…

i think you did something to my ka b4 we raced…

:roll: :stuck_out_tongue: