Zonda R - The Pinnacle of Awesome


I know we’ve seen photos of this before and random cell phone clips of them testing at Monza. But here is a new official video:


Excellent video, amazing auto.


Great vid. These cars sound amazing :tup:

Who’s the guy in the glasses at the end?


Horacio Pagani


BALLIN’ with the red pants.


The scene where it drops it’s body jacks was amazing. One of the coolest cars available for purchase ever.


EPIC video;-)


Horatio Pagani = OLD 91MR2


I suppose if you subtract everything baller about him.


just the face and hair and glasses.


he’s cool enough to wear red pants

i’m not




To have money would be awesome lol


i didnt realize these were going to be sold as road cars.

i was always under the impression that they were like the FXX, track only.


none of us will still ever see one on the road lol


Maybe if we wore red pants?


Cool car…


They aren’t.


What comes first, the coolness or the red pants?


“First you get the money, then you get the power. Then you get the red pants.”


Then you get the women!!