1997 Ford F150 4.2 Swap Help.

I just bought a 97 f150 for next to nothing, the intake went on it so im just gonna swap the whole motor instead.I brought this truck to pull put my 4 wheeler in it. Has anyone done one before and anyone got any tips before I start? I think im gonna start it friday and i would like to have it running by sat. morning. Any advice would be great. I brought this truck to pull put my 4 wheeler in it.



Dude! You should put your 4 wheeler in it!

Are you just putting another 6 cylinder in it or are you swapping the 4.2 for a V8?

“put my 4 wheeler motor in it” HAHHAHA, Im just tossing another 6 in there. I just want the truck to pull my 4 wheeler around, shit like that. The body is near perfect, I coulnt let this truck go.

Depending on what kind of equipment you have, a lot of dealer techs were pulling the cab off to get the motor out, they say its way easier to do that to get the motor out.

Its only a few bolts to get the cab off.