2001.5 Nogaro Blue S4

Hey guys, I’m looking to unload my 2001.5 S4. Originally bought it as a daily/project but have since lost my job. The car has 128k on it. It’s nogaro blue with nogaro and black interior. Tiptronic. I have $10,700 into it total. Has k/w v2 coilovers, fast intentions stainless exhaust w/cat delete, new torque converter, timing belt service, all fluids changed with synthetic. Currently showing a Lambda code for the cel that I just haven’t looked further into. Body is straight, has small dent on the front of the hood that’s noticeable up close, small paint chip on right rear quarter, minor damage on the lower left of the front bumper that was present when I purchased the vehicle. It’s a very clean car other than that. I’ve included a pic of the receipt from the most recent service at Autobahn Centre. Im asking $8500.00 obo.

So I ran out of available spots for pics. Here is the contents of the receipt:

Install Customer Supplied Torque Converter $850.00
Timing Belt Service (Belt, Waterpump, Tensioner, Idler Roller, Thermostat) $850.00
Crank Sensor $110.00
EGT Sensor Kit $380.00
Valve Cover Gaskets/Head Plug/Chain Tensioner Gaskets $98.00
Spark Plugs $72.00
Motor Mounts $120.00
Upper Timing Covers L/R $150.00
Power Steering Cooler $195.00
Vacuum Check Valve $29.00
Brass Coolant Tee $5.00
Transmission Shifter Bracket $20.00
Downpipes with V-Band Connections and Bellows $450.00
Hardware $50.00
Coolant (G12) $25.00
Oil Change w/Filter $75.00
Transmission Fluid $96.00
Oil Cooler Gasket $8.00
Exhaust Sleeve Clamps $40.00
Total After Taxes: $3912.84

I also bought a new key fob along with 2 710N deverter valves and Samco Y pipe from ECS Tuning.

Super nice car. Love the interior. Glws

Thank you for the kind words. Bump for the weekend.

Any chance I’d be able to take a look at this car at some point today? I am looking for a new car for my mother and this looks really clean. Call/Text 387-9374



BUMP i see this all the time.

this car was for sale not to long ago on central ave if i remember right, correct? My all time favorite color!

Yes, this is the same car that was for sale on central. He was trying to sell it for me and then my truck went into the shop so I registered it. I’ve put less than 2000 miles on it since then.

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Bump. Still looking for a new garage.

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I wish I had 8,500 this thing is bad… lol

Bump… Car is still for sale. Havent been on here in a while. Price has been lowered to $7800.00. This is a steal considering I just put $4700.00 in documented service to the motor 3k miles ago. You can get a hold of me on my cell at 518-365-1311 or email at brianlandgraf@gmail.com

Hey guys. It’s been a whole since I’ve been on but the car is still around. Anyone looking for a summer toy at a great price let me know. Im looking at a property and could really use the cash. Open to offers

Call or text me at 518-365-1311


Can you send me the vin number via PM so I can run a Carfax?

Yup not a problem. I’ll send via pm as soon as I get home this evening.


$7500 obo

Any offers? It’s a great car, just needs a new garage.