::::: 2009 BINGS / NIAGARA Meet - JULY 26, 2009 ::::: AWARDS + RAIN DATE INFO


Okay gentlemen, with the help of a few select judges and presented by RightDrive Inc. we are going to be doing the SON240SX AWARDS this year.

Here is how things are going to work.

The front parking lot will be reserved for those who register for the awards.

Registration will be $5 and you can paypal to son240sx@gmail.com to reserve your spot. Please be sure to put your user name and car class into the comments for easy reference.

Registration can be done on the day of but the early birds will get the better spots.

Bear in mind that some vendors will be present and therefore the parking in the lot will be limited.

The categories are as follows:

BEST S13 Coupe
BEST S13 Hatch


Best Wheel & Tire Fitment
People’s Choice Award for Best S Chassis

The first 4 categories will be judged by a pre-selected group of your peers under the criteria at the following link:

The remaining two categories will be “PEOPLE’s CHOICE” style and determined as follows:

When each person registers for the SON240sx AWARDS or when you register for Dinner you will receive two simple stickers (happy faces / dump trucks). Each sticker will correspond to one of the two awards.

stickers: http://www.bings.ca/images/misc/Other/voting%20stickers.jpg

Casting your vote is as simple as placing your sticker on the windshield vote-card of the vehicle for which you are voting for.

At the end of the day we will tally up the stickers and the winner shall prevail.

Each winner will receive a plaque commemorating thier acheivement & and SON240sx T-shirt. The winners will be announced after dinner but before the cruise.

In the event of a rain-date all registrations will carry over of course.


There will be a rain date announcement later this week if the rain is heavier than expected.

The reason here is two fold. The parking lot is not perfectly level and if it has rained significantly the lot’s capacity will be significantly reduced. Moreover, i’ve been advised that the rear dining room that we use for this event has a leak if the roof has been flooded for more than a few days…

If we do call this even off on account of rain i will set a the new date for either the week after or two sunday’s after… have to get this event off ASAP…

judging criteria

last year’s award plaques


Vendors no need to pay right? And we have reserved parking spots?

Just want to make sure.

samson we can chat… i think that makes sense.

what we’re going to do is have a few judges for the main categories and when people register for dinner they will get the nametag, dinner bracelet and voting stickers for the best wheel and tire fitment vote and the people’s choice award…

Hmm. I wouldn’t mind entering this. Everyone always tells me my car is so clean and the custom work is ballin. Yet, I think my car is nothing but a piece of shit.

Either way. No idea if I’ll be coming. Smashed up yet another tranny. Stomach flu. Yadda yadda. If I don’t go. I want some bad ass pictures.

valve cover is clean and rust free… nice rusty aluminum… I’ve got one of those

So you wash your POS car often then? :wink:

Nah, not so much any more lol.

I care less and less for her. Maybe if I had my coils…:frowning:

Shoulda got Stance…from Bingzor.


By the time anyone get’s HSDs, the “New” + “Better” coilover for 2010 will be out.

This is how it has been…

D2 -> Megan -> Stance -> HSD? -> ???

SO true.

where would tein be in there?

if HSD is the same then how can it be better than STANCE?

IF it is the same…

Maybe I’m blind. Yet, I do not see or even interpret where any one said one was better or just as good as the other…???

…I have HSD coilovers, they are quite wonderful so far…

got the one on the left there at home hehehe :slight_smile:

their should be a dirty drifter award… i thought thats what this community was about, not building show cars. but i guess i was wrong…

hmm…I’m new to using paypal thru email, since I only use it for ebay.

What’s the procedure to paypal by email?

I with Corpse…not so much a dirty drifter award so much as a purely function over form award.

Ie, seriously well put together parts that are all business with nothing but function in mind. i dont mean a complete rat car that goes out of its way to look dirty but more so a car that is well put together with esthetics being on the bottom of the list.

Like the badly faded paint car that may or may not have mismatched panels from battle damage but still has an immaculate engine bay. All hard parts, cared for, suspension in good shape, driveline in good shape, wiring all in order, tuned properly, functional interior as opposed to pretty interior.

My idea of the perfect car would be a well put together car that starts with great paint, body etc and just build on that without regard for keeping the car mint.

How do you get to beat on a car that youre too worried to scratch, or heaven forbid, have someone lean on it hahahahah.

I hear what you’re saying Ronnie

but if you have two cars, both with identical parts, built to an identical degree of craziness, but one has shit paint and the other has awesome paint… obviously the latter will receive a better score


this was never meant as a serious, typical ‘car show’ type thing. it’s supposed to be a light hearted event to showcase some of the nicer cars in the club. (and there -is- consideration for performance parts, not just show parts)

and, anyway, the people’s choice award will let THE PEOPLE decide what they think the best S chassis. pick your favorite car according to whatever criteria you think is appropriate

maybe next year we should add a dedicated category for best track prepared car or something like that