2012 Infiniti M37X flashing airbag light - NYS salvage inspection


I don’t know if anyone of you here experiencing the same issue as me. I have a 2012 Infiniti M37X, the car was involved in accident but the airbag was never deployed. I repaired the car, have all the receipts from the Infiniti dealership and ready to go for my salvage inspection in NY but I’m afraid that it won’t pass it because of that flashing airbag light. Can it fail the inspection because Of that?

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Guaranteed that it won’t pass. I’m a little rusty on this but you could google an answer.

Either one or more bags DID deploy, there is a fault somewhere in the system and it’s “checks” indicate that 1 or more bags aren’t ready (busted clock spring in the wheel), or it’s something as simple as the battery backup has fully drained.

I believe there is a way to reset it, but if it comes back on, then there is an obvious problem.

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Would a generic scan tool show what this fault was?

Hi Joelster,

The airbag never deployed. Damn, I already spent a lots by purchasing those parts:
Front bumper, upper and lower grill, both headlights from the dealer. If it’s to verify the stolen parts, they shouldn’t be worried :worried: about the airbag flashing.

I have a code B1018 saying occupant sensor.

That’s the sensor that knows if a passenger is sitting in the seat.

Found a way to bypass it. About $80

Will it work for the Infiniti M37x cuz I see it’s for Nissan ?

Will it work for the Infiniti M37x cuz I see it’s for Nissan ?

The second one I posted is for an M37