2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

I have two friends that worked a lot on this car. It should really get out of it’s own way. Should be fun to see what else they put this in.

The new, force-induced V8 isn’t just the most powerful ever fitted to the Challenger, it’s the most powerful eight-cylinder Chrysler Group has ever built. Power figures aren’t finalized, so expect to see “over 600 hp” bandied about quite a lot. That fury will be channeled through either a six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic. Yes, over 600 ponies through an eight-speed auto. So far, the only vehicle we know of that delivers more output through that many gears is the as-yet untested Corvette ZO6. Sadly, we don’t have performance metrics just yet, although if this thing can’t crack four seconds to 60 miles per hour, we’ll be pretty surprised.


It looks incredible :tup:

Saw one of these and a few 4c fiat’s in Detroit a few weeks ago.

Love the domestic HP wars. Keep em coming!

Pretty Groovy. I don’t think I’d ever pass up a C7 in favor of this, but I do love these cars.


Over six hundred horsepower. Well, now that the current GT500 is gone (2015 Mustang sales officially started today) that puts this at the king of the ponycar hill.

Love the engine, but I prefer the older lower valances, maybe one a bit more open for cooling… but that’s personal preference. I hope the engine name gets a badge somewhere on the trunk :stuck_out_tongue:

That current GT500 makes 600 wheel stock :lol:

Butt dyno says this has a lot more than 600, but who knows what they bring to production. You might not want to have something that trumps your halo car in HP.

Donovans dyno showed 616whp on a '14 gt500

car is stock except for a factory upgraded exhaust.
should be at least close to 700 at the crank.

That is amazing for both the GT500 and this car. I didn’t know the GT500 made that kind of sauce.

The best part is that the air intakes INSIDE these angel eye headlights:


:tup: always loves the look of the new challenger over the stang and camaro but wasnt qucik enough to really compete.

I’ll say I was surprised to see over 550whp.

The challenger looks the best but its just tooo big!!! Also they made it look too tall, what I mean is they made its profile taller so it doesn’t look so high from the ground, like the old muscle cars had room under them. I don’t like how tall the body is, but they’re all like that, all cars. Better aerodynamics, I gues easier to get into maybe as well.

How long before they put that power train into a truck? 2-3 years?

This is my favorite modern muscle car, I have always
liked these. This one sounds killer. Whats the price on these projected?

Yeah i get it.

they should make one of these things with a carbon tub, full carbon panels… make it actually perform and then make like 100 of them for $450,000

as it stands, it’s an awesome homage car but… eh i guess there is no but. the thing will still get creamed by lighter, less HP, higher quality imports though. but that’s not the point.

Now that I can down with. That is sick!

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Perhaps but I would prefer this to those imports any day. It’s all about the driver as we all know.

Interested to see how it performs on a track (road course). Hopefully it’s not just a straight line machine.