2016 chevrolet cruze lease 139/month 24 month 10k a year 0 out of pocket

I have a few of these left they are previous courtesy vehicles in our fleet, they have some miles on them maybe a few thousand at most retain all factory warranty.sign and drive 0 out of pocket. 716 479 1084

send someone in and get a referral check, come on guys someone must need a cheap winter car

Just leased a new Chevy last month.

way to come see me

what do monthly payments look like?

^ Um, looks like $139/month based on the title of this thread.

my bad im a little off today I guess lol

Sorry man. Bought from Bob Geary. I know to many people in the car business

Yea, in just messing around I know you worked for him I think, it is like pulling teeth to sell someone a car off this site, I think I have only had one referral and maybe one or two people actually come in. I have no problem getting people the best deal possible i just need people to come in!

You do a good job of keeping everyone notified of sweet performance cars, and incredible deals such as this one.

waiting for Colorado deals…

I’ve sent 3 referrals to Basil that ended up buying cars, but they all went to Dave.

I bought my last two cars from Chuck. Sorry, I will keep you in mind for the next one.

don’t hold your breath ha ha

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correct, I need to make sure we still have these units left but regardless the deals are really strong as we approach the end of the year

When we leased our Equinox I tried talking the wife into a Silverado instead. Price was very close to the suv, just was way to big for her. But the Colorado was a perfect size. Price though was higher than both. Wish they had incentives on it.

Better off buying a Silverado, they are better deals all around

The new Colorados are dope, selfishly im actually glad to hear they aren’t giving shit for deals on them so im not even more tempted to purchase something else i don’t need ha

:tup: to always throwing the good deals up hear Johnny!