Basil Chevrolet Review

I just brought home a 2016 Chevy Cruze last night from Basil last night. I wanted to lease a car that was cheap, got good gas mileage, came with a manual and would get me through the winter for the next couple years. I basically just wanted a new car that I didn’t have to care or worry about.

I sent @Kramer a PM a few days ago to see how much a 2 year lease would be, with no money down. He gave me a number that was quite a bit lower than other dealerships I had talked to. I’m always skeptical about car dealerships so I figured I’d go in there and end up paying way more than he said because I didn’t know about some hidden fee.

There was ZERO BS in this deal. The number John gave me before I even went to look at the car was 100% accurate and everyone I worked with last night was great. There were no hidden fees and I walked out of there with a brand new car that I don’t even have to pay for until July. The incentives on this deal were insane, the lease is stupid cheap.

I haven’t bought a car from a dealership in years and I have never leased a car before this one, but I definitely wouldn’t mind doing business with John and/or Basil again.


Thanks man, let me know if you ever need anything :bigtup:

I’ve never had any issues with the 6 cars we have got from basil. Even our salesman calls us for birthdays and wedding anniversaries

I’ve never dealt with John but I’ve sent several friends to buy cars through Dave Basil and they all had great service. :tup:

Johnny Kramer sold (leased) a car on NYspeed! FINALLY!

He’s a good dude. Everyone go buy a car from him!


Is a manual Cruise 5 speed or 6 speed?

6 m/t

Sounds like we have too much CCR on the cruze…
Just kidding. Congrats on the purchase.

Also just bought the wifes new ats coupe through basil…awesome experience.
I want a cruze hatch for a dd when they come out…and then turn the g8 up to silly.

1.4T or 1.8?

1.8. No need for the 1.4T when the 135i is in the garage.

It’s unreal how cheap those leases are - I leased an accord 6m/t and wish I had looked at one of these first…

I have a trifecta cable for the 1.4t is why I asked. Let me know if you need a set of wheels/tires


I will never, ever, want to/care to mod this thing haha. But thanks anyways.

:tup: to Basil. Bunch of good dudes. It’s insane how incredibly talented their employees are and extremely good looking on top of it all. Especially that clean cut chiseled dude with the tyte suit on in the VW commercials.

Seriously though, congrats! Glad you like it.


200 dollar referrals guys to anyone who sends me a customer


Is that in Canadian dollars? I’ve been getting ripped then! haha.