2016 Range Rover Evoque aftermarket?


Hey all, just looking to see what kind of mods are out there for a 2016 Range Rover Evoque. I tried google and mostly got generic parts websites. The Evoque forum I found has had about 5 posts in the past year.

Any suggestions? Intake/Exhaust/Tune is mostly what I’m looking at.


RangeRovers.net would be the best source. I know there are tunes, but be prepared to spend almost $1k for not too much return.

@newman had one but never tuned it. Only added a trailer hitch, which I think required an exhaust modification.


Appreciate the input Onyx, just haven’t found much. I found a couple tuning websites that claim 40-50hp just from a flash so I wanted to see what was out there.


Try http://www.velocityap.com/ to see if they have something! I know they have options for the Sport and Full-Size.