245/40/19 on a 10" wide wheel

Ok, so sat night i bought a set of snow tires on ebay, BRAND new Blizzaks lm-25’s

anyways, they are 245/40/19, i thought my rear wheels were 19x9.5, but it turns out they are 19x10, kumho says the tire width recomendations for a 245 tire are 7.5-9.5 which is why i bought them, now im seeing im a half an inch off… they are only going to be winter tires and will not get any beating on… so i know i can probably fit them on there, but do u think they will be fine

also i know either reids or kustom workz would be the best place to take them to put them on… what is the price differance from each?

Well I HAVE seen guys stretch on 215s on 10" rims so I guess you will be fine. Personally I wouldnt of gone any smaller than a 275 but just avoid potholes and curbs.

*have seen

Anyway, the tires will likely fit, but there isn’t a whole lot of side wall to stretch there and it will probably make your rims more likely to get damaged.

Are you going to run the CHs?


These are 245 35 on a 19x10 rim. Or at least thats what I could read through the Japanese.

yea im running the ch’s this winter and will pickup a set of OEM 19’s over the summer, i dont park next to curbs so im not worried about that

i bet that sucked

what sucked?

anybody have any recomendations based on shop price?

19 inch blizzaks… i bet were a pretty penny… i think thats what joe meant

actaully no, 170 shipped each brand new via ebay (coulda gotten em for 100 bux less for all 4 but decided to do BIN so i could secure them earlier)

It’s a european car. You’ll be fine.

Give Kustom Works a call for a price quote. I’ve read multiple times on multiple local boards that they’re the place to take nice wheels for tire mounting.