3" 2-Bolt METAL Exhaust Gaskets (2)

As title states, looking for 2 of these gaskets. I don’t want those shitty cheap 1-time use ones that look like they’re made of recycled cardboard that come with your megan exhausts. I want single/multi-layer metal ones that I can reuse if need be.

I haven’t been able to find any of these locally, but maybe I’m just not looking hard enough. :gotme:

Something like this:

MUST be local (in the GTA) and/or willing to meet up somewhere close by (or include shipping if you’re not), and not want my left arm and/or leg as payment.

PM is key.


just buy a pair of vband flanges bro much better then those shit flanges, makes exhaust removal easy as hell

I do have a few of those gaskets that I would sell for $5 although not sure of the quality.

I would if I could, but for this specific application I need this flange pattern. Most of my exhaust already uses V-bands :stuck_out_tongue: