3 tickets in a week

Anyone have any pull in the judicial traffic system around here? This shit is getting old. Im getting stopped for no reason, and this past week Ive been ticketed three times for misc. BS.

60 in a 45 ( I had cruise control on at 47, HAHA)

70 in a 45 (once again CC on, i was on Transit)

Pased through Redlight (oh it was yellow)

BTW- these cops werent radaring, and I know its still their word against mine(I have a lot of experience with these kinds of things) Ill stil get slammed in court, but IDK… whatever, this is BS.


that sucks bro…

what town was it…???

thats what you get for driving around the bling :smiley:

dunno, I am sure some of the more frequent speeders have lawyers that could help you out… personally i don’t get many tickets so i just pay em :stuck_out_tongue:

holy crap…yea what town?

wow sorry to hear that man

Gotta know what town. . .

Chances are the transit rd one wasn’t amherst, which will actually be to your benefit, especially since they are so close together, you probably won’t end up with any points, just lots and lots of school