5 great ways to leave a TIP

I deliver pizza and I thought this would be kind of cool to get a 5 dollar tip thats a spider.

I had a girl makeout with me when i delivered a pizza to a house party before. I could tell it was on a dare but i didnt care.

I have had a women come to the door in undies and a bra, I think she was a cougar, i just played it off like i didnt care.

lol cougar

i cant get the spider legs to not unroll

my personal favorite is the 5$ bill trapped in an upside down glass of water. they go to get the tip by lifting the cup, and a sea of ice water spews across the table lol. thats for waitresses that are bitches

And how do the laws of physics keep this water from not coming out of the glass? Do you put it in a bowl or something?

well… you can put the money on floating on the water, use another piece of paper on the the top of the glass to seal it. flip it over, slide the piece of paper on top of the glass out which is now pinned between the glass and the table with the money suspended.

or flip the fucker over really quick and hope for the best :slight_smile:

haha i had the same thing happen, but her husband/whatever was in the back ground, she asked me to come in for a bit…Nooooo thanks