70mm Z71 Stage III Build

Stage II was injectors, built trans, converter and 12 psi. Resulted in close to 500 wheel and 12.8 at 104 with a 1.7 60 foot.

Stage III will be:
Billet pump and rotor for the 4L60e from Transbuilderguy.
JFR Triple 12 cam
PAC 1218 springs
Ls7 lifters with new trays
MLS head gaskets
Full valve, seals and resurface job on my 799s
Trunion Upgrade
7.35 pushrods
Texas Speed DOD delete kit/Cam swap kit
China Head Studs
LS2 timing chain and tensioner
6.2 Valley cover

I have a lofty goal of 600 wheel. Math shows I’d have to get ~115 more hp with the cam, drive train and maybe 2-3 more psi. We’ll see what happens, but I am excited about the holy grail Triple 12 cam. Everyone loves this thing. My 60 foot shouldn’t improve ( All Terrains spin ) but I would think I’ll pick up some decent et and MPH. Trick Turbo is willing to send me his 76mm turbo to compare against the results of the 70mm I currently have. I wanna see if this little guy can make the power first, plus itll be a true apples to apples.

My LMG 5.3 with 105K miles had compression across all 8 of 142-145 psi. Seems a bit low and I was hoping for 170ish. I ended up pulling everything apart for a complete rebuild. All the bearings and hard parts looked great. The cyl all had decent cross hatching still.

I scrubbed the block down and ran a new ball hone through it quickly. Decked the block and filed the rings. All the pistons are cleaned and I am awaiting new bearings. Once they come in, I will start assembling the engine again. All the other parts are sitting here waiting. I am dropping my oil pan and manifold off to TurboCiv for a little touch up.

Shout out to TurboCiv , Badazz, BDR, Joelster, Drew and Daryl ( non-forum member ).

Crazy! Should easily hit 7’s at Lancaster!

I’m curious to see what you and mike think of the triple 12, we were talking about it a couple months back.

I’ll let you be the test mule. :wink:

good luck!

Awesome man, this truck rocks


The triple 12 is the all mighty turbo 4.8/5.3/6.0 truck cam. I’m sure it’s going to be amazing and put my power in the right band.

shoot me a link for the triple 12


Sounds like an awesome build :tup:

no link, it was bought from the guy who developed it. You want me to get you one, let me know, ill order it up. Youll need the cam kit from texasspeed to install it.

sounds fishy

Yea he is a small time fella. If you search performancetrucks.net for triple 12 you will find his user name. It’s a pm/email order kind of thing.


Name is Jarrett. Stock48. He’s got the 76mm nova that made 1100 something snd won the drag week and a turbo 9 sec 4x4 street truck.

how many miles were on it before you put the turbo on?

I wanna say mid 30ks. It’s got 105k now.

crank, rods and pistons are in.

Next are the covers, cam, timing set, chain, lifters… heads…

slowly but surely.

That will boogie even better then before. The tundra was about 560 and was fun . but I missed the LS based motors . What specs on the cam? I’m not sure what I want to do to the new Silverado . within 1 week I ordered headers, intake , mbrp , yada yada. If I do anything I’ll do a 2.9 Whipple . I just dont feel like doing the dod delete for a cam. … Txt me and I’ll swing by sometime

560? I know it was heavy but thats more power than I woulda thought. When we dynoed, mine was higher around 440 ish, where did you get another 140 wheel? :tspry: ? Went low 8s right? Did you ever get a 7 slip at lancaster? When we raced, your truck def pulled away from mine, it was quick.

Yeah, Ill be keep this one for another year or so then grab a new one. Id also think about the whipple instead of the turbo. The instant torque off the line is nuts but then the headers and exhaust make them stupid loud all the time. I really like the quiet power of the turbo, plus they sound cooler. Did you buy it or lease it? Sherm was asking me about exhaust and intakes for them but he didnt take my godly advise and bought the same cheap crap MRBP cat back. LOL. Ill be thrashing in the shop next weekend, swing by anytime and I’ll put you to work.

212/212 112 lsa “triple 12”

Cam bearings were a little scary putting in but they turned out good. I used my old cam as a tester. Lubed it up and slid her in. Twss. It was spinning like butter.

Crank is in. Clearances were in spec, which I figured because all stock replacement.

Pistons are in. Indexed the rings. We questioned the 75* final torque but after taking some out and putting oil in the threads, they torqued down smooth.

Rotating assemble spins nicely.

Little things like plug for the oil pressure relief valve took 3 days to get. rear cover and seal. pick up o ring. seems like a lot of stuff I would think would be able to find locally I end up having to order and wait day for.

Heads are on and torqued down. I used the ebay stud kit and torqued them to a final ft lb of 75 with ARP lube.

When I can get back in the shop I’ll toss the push rods in and torque down the rockers. I hope these 7.35s are the right length. Otherwise I’ll be sending these back and ordering the 7.4s. I’m going to get a new thermostat while I’m putting the water pump back on.

Intake is all cleaned up and ready for install.

I took some polish to the cold pipes and the turbo’s compressor cover. They cleaned up nice.

I picked up the oil tube from the dealer yesterday on lunch.

I do have to say that it seems everything is coming together correctly. No rear snags or issues, except I broke a bolt off in the back of the block putting it in my engine stand. Its the top corner of the driver side where the ground goes. Ill move it to the bell housing bolt of the back of the head.