'72 F-series project


So many of you know how long I’ve had this build planned, and that I finally bought a truck about a month ago.

Bought this 1972 Ford F-250 camper special. 2wd truck with big block 390 and a c6 auto. Realistically, I bought the truck for the frame and body. Here it is the day the previous owner drove it to my shop for me.

about two weeks ago I listed the engine/trans combo on Craigslist and had an email a few hours later…guy from Lockport came out last weekend to hear the truck run and take it around the parking lot, gave me asking price no questions asked. Pulled the motor and trans today with @GV1390 and @pirite.


so now the hing begins for donor parts. I have a line on a whole interceptor crown Vic for $700 I may buy for the engine/harness/ecu and front suspension, then locate a reasonably priced manual trans (t-45 or tremec 3650)

stay tuned.




Awesome build nick can’t wait to see were this goes!


Sketchiest donuts I’ve ever done in a vehicle to date lol. I’m still dying inside! Looking forward to this being complete though! The XS750 will look sweet in the bed of it for when you break down while I pass you on my Honda. :lol:


Why put in the 4.6 it’s such a turd


nice, this should be an interesting project


get er done!


be sure to watch reruns of fast and loud for how to’s on the swap.



For cost, reliability, ease of swap, and mostly gas mileage. Should be a 23-28mpg truck when done. 4.6 mounts are part of the crown Vic front suspension swap, it’s really a no brainer.


I hope it gets that good of gas mileage but with all the ecoboost ford vehicles that don’t get what they’re rated for im thinking that 4.6 is not going to be a gas sipper


Looking forward to watching this


this swap is extremely common with this chassis. the mpg I quoted is from numerous guys on the ford f-series forum reporting their ACTUAL mileage from there trucks with this swap.


Cool project.

Why are people discussing gas milage with a swap wtf is wrong with people :lol:


@focusininprogress buys old American truck. First mention is fuel economy. :orly:


How long before you see an ROI on the mpg from the swap?


Very cool, look forward to the build! The paint / body looks perfect. Any idea as to the final ‘look’ you’re going for?



^ what you photoshopped is how it will look for at least the first year. I MAY strip the body and make it “nice” later on with a tannish brown and cream white two-tone…we’ll see. @Mike93

@[boardjnky4](http://www.nyspeed.com/member.php?u=240) I've already seen the ROI....I sold the existing 10mpg motor/trans for $600 and I can get the 4.6 swap and trans for less money. In fact, I'll likely be able to get the whole front suspension, rear end/suspension/brakes, motor, harness, ecu for the $600 I made from the 390/c6 combo selling....the only expense above that will be trans and a clutch pedal assembly. I can still sell the dana rear axle and I have 5 of these 8-lug wheels with 500mile-old tires on them (one is a full size spare with 0 miles) It's actually pretty close to being a wash getting what I want and selling what it came with.

@LZ gas mileage is my biggest reason for swapping. I wanted a truck that looked old but gets better mileage than my '12 F150 (I’m getting 13.6mpg in winter, 15-16 in summer). I also hate having an auto trans so that’s another part of why I wanted to swap. the 4.6/5spd is a no brainer for all of the above. parts will be cheap and plentiful. I really don’t care if the truck has a ton of power, as long as I can fill the bed with a couple motorcycles and haul them comfortably. It’s a truck.


I really hope you leave the ladder/roof rack on this thing. Definitely lower it a few inches and leave the rest alone! Patina is great


I was joking…

Serious question though, you’re planning on replacing a newer truck with this? Is your current truck 4wd? I’m assuming this one will be 2wd when built? Not judging your choice. I’m just genuinely curious as to whether there is option to build something like this with 4wd.

edit: on second thought, if you’re using a crown vic front end, then this is definitely not going to be 4wd.


How much does that thing weigh? and what rear end gears?