'72 F-series project


Start in 2nd and go to 3rd, be a man.



So, friday was a huge day. My dad and I put the new gasket/seal on the rear window and roped it in (that was interesting lol). Then @mahoneybags23 came by and we started putting the front clip back together. @pirite showed up and helped me diagnose/wire up the turn signals, brake lights, and reverse lights. Bedliner’d the cab floor, etch primed the seat mount frame, new door seals, mounted the doors, cleaned the glass, etc. Pirite installed my woodgrain GRANT wheel from summit (although crooked lol). Drove it home last night, and to work this morning. Visiting Pirite after work today for inspection. Then I can move on to slowly making it comfortable…blower motor currently doesn’t kick on, windshield squirts don’t squirt, dash doesn’t illuminate, speedo and odo aren’t working for some reason even though cable is connected…both window scissor cranks are shot and need replaced, and I’d like to do some sound deadening on the inside of the doors and rear of cab. Maybe I’ll start looking for a radio and speakers.

anyway, pics.

Oh, and mahoney DID buy me the rage-face meme decal, and I will rep it proudly. lol


i love the shifter handle length, and the sticker.




you gotta drive this thing. lol. the clutch is not at ALL forgiving.

oh, and the mustang trans paired with the 3.27 rear end is interesting…1st and 2nd are short, but then I can’t even put it in 5th under 60-65mph without it totally chugging super low revs. guess that means highway mileage should be stellar…didn’t use more than 4th getting it home doing 50ish.

at speed the ride is pretty decent. big bumps suck, but I still have brand new struts to put in the front and can adjust the air in the new rears to dial it in. I’ll find time soon to do all the balljoints, front swaybar end links, tie rods, and struts so I can get it aligned.

all that said, still can’t stop smiling when I drive this death trap.


Do you have spare tires for the rear by chance?


Bring it by! you know where I am lol. Wow, the gear ratio package in the T-45 sucks lol. http://www.pro-forceperformance.com/t-45_history.htm


Super awesome :tup:


You don’t use the clutch except for when putting it in 1st. I saw one of these in my neck of the woods this morning with the driveshaft on the ground.


well, I had a really close call a little over a week ago with the truck…long story short refuse to drive it without getting the power brakes functioning. Problem is, I have a mustang hydroboost master but a crown victoria rack. the mustang rack has threaded fittings for the high pressure lines but the crown victoria has captive o-ring fittings held in place with a locking collar…

Luckily, ford uses the captive o-ring fittings on a bunch of cars…and to my luck there’s a company that makes an AN conversion fitting for the ford focus for guys re-routing their lines and converting to AN…so I contacted Massive Speed System and asked if they’d sell me just the “in” fitting rather than the entire kit…and then was able to order the rest of the fittings and line from Summit…

Kamilitaryman offered to help me make up the lines since he has the special tools and such, so I’ll probably get to that early next week when he’s available.

I also ordered a 3-pt seatbelt kit and played around with the comfort amenities to get some other stuff working.

Heat now works, turns out the fuse had just gotten dirty and a little wiggle powered the blower back up.

patched some wires and got the dash illumination working, removed the steering wheel and centered it properly, re-glued my rearview mirror in place, and adjusted the pedals a bit.

Tested my speedo and it works so I think I just didn’t have the cable in all the way, so hoping that magically works when I drive it again.

turns out all the mustang sensors run 0-5v signal and that’s what the stock cluster is regulated to so I can just run wires from the coolant temp and oil pressure sensors straight to the stock truck cluster, so that’s on the list too. Just need to figure out how to wire up the fuel gauge now and I’m probably going to replace the “glass” for the cluster. My dad got me new defrost vent ducting and all new window seals for christmas so that’s on the list to get done soon as well.


well, I’ve now learned the wrong way…followed by the right way to make up teflon AN lines. Have hydroboost functioning now.


(pics make that elbow look much closer to the oil filter housing but there’s almost 1/4" of clearance)


is that low pressure line a dishwasher hose? love it


no idea what it’s “FOR” but it’s reinforced nylon from home depot lol.




So in case anyone would have interest in this rig, I’m contemplating tossing it up for sale. I have a giant pile of brand new parts I’ve been meaning to get in it and a few very minor quirks to work out but space and time is kind of lacking.

I’d probably take $6k for it as it sits. I could do all the shit I have the parts for and probably stick it on some national forums and get $8-10k for it and might do that if I can get it squeezed back in the shop for a week of wrench time or so.

feel free to PM with any REAL interest. In the meantime I still drive it to work once in a while, haul some bikes around, and make the occasional scrap run with it.



well, it’s officially for sale for anyone interested. Took it out yesterday for a spin.



truck is now on ebay for a wider audience. will pay a finders fee for a referral that leads to a sale.


Not sure if you still have this but I expect 70’s trucks getting a bump in value.




I’ve actually still got it, getting ready to put new power steering lines and some MOOG suspension parts in it and probably listing it for sale as soon as all that’s done. The hoonigan truck is great timing lol.