'72 F-series project


^ the “spacer” is super sloppy, i love it.


Hey if it works it works :tup:


when all else fails. weld it.



Im buying you this. Its far too fitting.


Awesome! :tup:


Little thread motivation even though your blazing through this.


Tug of war, this vs my Ranger. I’ll meet you at the flag pole


haha. if this weekend goes decent at all, we can prob try it monday. assuming my trans/clutch are any good. I was cheap and didn’t do a clutch kit or have the trans looked at. fingers crossed.


in hopes your trans is okay my 4l80e I bought, unkown condition and claimed 92k already pulled, it works perfect!


Saturday morning my dad and I went to the junkyard. got a power steering pump and lines and res from an 09 police interceptor…

got back to the shop and @mahoneybags21 met us there and we all got to wrenching. Swapped thermostat to a 180* with new gasket, new serp belt, new tensioner, new idler, A/C delete pulley and mount, installed front core support, inner fenders, battery, re-routed tons of wires, mounted the rad, bolted the oil filter relocation to the frame rail, and modded the intake kit to fit in the bay.

sunday I went and swapped rear diff cover and fluid, swapped all the rear U-bolts for the axle, swapped trans fluid, connected in the stock truck’s harness in(deleted OG charging system and whatnot)

What’s left…
-load up as many gas cans I can find and fill her up
-fill and burp cooling system
-fill and burp power steering
-tighten all brake lines and fill/bleed
-bedliner cab floor
-install rear glass
-install new door seals
-mount doors, fenders, front grille assembly, front bumper, hood, ladder rack
-check lights (most likely diagnose and do some wiring)

Here’s the few pictures I managed to stop and take over the weekend. Probably won’t get back to the truck until after thanksgiving, as Checko and I are trying to wrap up the cb360 build for a swap meet friday.




Nicely done


So last night @<b><a href=“http://www.nyspeed.com/member.php?u=25164” target="_blank">mahoneybags21</a></b> came by to lend a hand. Went through and made sure all the brake fittings were tight, bled the system, changed the oil, filled and burped coolant, bolted in all the cab mounts, deleted the EGR and welded the port on the manifold closed, mounted the fan, put her on the ground, and hopped in to turn the key and see what happened.

only thing remotely necessary to take a pic of was the fan in place, LOL.

oh, then this.







Was hoping the video said 1 minute and 18 seconds, looked again, just 18 seconds. SIGH!!!

Nice man, congrats! Stoked for you.


@GV1390 a minute long video to get you excited, Nick you need to do this soon.



@mahoneybags21 knows! :lol:


dang dude, nice!!!

Hopefully that trans is OK.


Thats awesome man!


I assume either the clutch is badly worn or the synchro is unhappy. guess the T45 is sorta known for picky 2nd gears under WOT. guess I just gotta take a little extra time going from 1 to 2…that’s what she said.