'72 F-series project






Got the fuel pump wiring done last night, and got the truck’s original ignition cylinder doing the job for the mustang shit. Turned key to “run” and the pump primed like a champ and shut down. turned to “start” and got a CLUNK from the starter and that’s all she wrote. relay clicks like it should and power is getting to the solenoid terminal, but even jumping the solenoid with a screwdriver did nothing. tried smashing on it with a hammer, no dice. Got a starter on order from RockAuto, should be here thursday.

also, ebay intake for the mustang is complete shit. I mean, I guess that’s what I get for $40, but the couplers were all oversized and sloppy, the MAF flange was like 5% too big as a footpring and I had to file all the holes inward and use some RTV to get it to bolt on and seal. It’s also not going to fit the truck, so I’m gonna have to cut the two 90* bends out and just mount the end with the MAF onto the tube coming off the manifold.

anyway, I threw it on for now in hopes that after some fuel lines and a new starter I can hear it run.

saw this at mcdonald’s and felt sad.


I actually was trying to buy that one before I found my truck, kid was leaving for the military and wanted to sell it but couldn’t meet up and his mom kept not following up so I moved on. it’s a 360 with a 4spd manual.


are any of the older F150 4.6 late 90s starters compatible with what you need? why not grab a starter off one of the zillion 4.6 Crown Vics/Grand Marquis/Town cars in yards?


yeah they’re likely the same…and that was my first thought on replacement. but I figure I won’t get to the yard until saturday…where I’ll pay $2 to get in and lay on my back in mud for about an hour to get one out (I had a fucking bear of a time getting mine out last night, took me over an hour), and then it’s $25 after environmental fees and shit, and it’s a used starter.

TYC starter on rockauto was $57. after a coupon code it was $63 shipped, and will be here thursday and it’s brand new. This way I don’t have to blow half my saturday to put a starter in the truck and cross my fingers. I’d rather be trying to sort my clutch cable, throttle cable, and steering on saturday. Would be rad as fuck to drive this thing to work monday lol.


makes sense. rock on


Hell yeah Nick, rock on indeed!


I want to see a tug of war between this thing and @mahoneybags21 's Chevy beater truck. one wheel peel battle!


he’s making almost twice the power lol. but mine’s posi…


do i hear something about a competative challenge? hang tight ordering gear and rear end now. lol


So, yesterday the starter came in. I bench tested it and it worked…so I put it in. Then it didn’t work.

I swore and yelled and got mad and threw wrenches. 38stang and Checko stepped in and helped diagnose. I had ground where I was supposed to have 12v, I had 12v where I was supposed to have power, and nothing made any damn sense. Thank god they stepped in with clear heads, because I was way too mad to move forward. We started unplugging things and figuring out what was causing backwards voltage and whatnot, and as it turned out the problem was not having a heavy ground wire connected to a good ground on the frame from the battery.

So, then I tossed a noid light on one of the injector plugs to see if I had pulse when cranking.


so I was ready to call it a night, but the guys made a good point…why get as far as we did and then NOT hear it run!? so we made up a janky fuel can setup and gave it a shot.


Also got my inner fenders sandblasted for $70.

now I can move on to driver controls sorting.

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MFer I can’t get the vids to work.


You need anger management, coming from an Italian lol.



Sounds good.


paint inner fenders cream colored


cream on the inside


i prefer cream on the outside


I prefer cream on the inside. It’s just the consequences are less then ideal


I uploaded the videos to youtube so they’d work here and updated the last post. picked up my nylon fuel line last night, just have to come up with a tool for installing the fittings into it.


LoL agreed…

Make the tailgate cream


so, fuel lines.

Normally you have to have some fancy special tool…I thought maybe I could rent it at like autozone or advance but no dice. quick youtube search, and this method surfaces. $7 caulk gun and the clamp from a brakeline flare tool. worked like a charm for the plastic fittings in the nylon line…brass was a pain in the nuts though…I ended up sanding the nubs off an extra plastic one to use it to stretch the nylon line a bit before oiling and ramming the brass in.


then ran the clutch cable

was on a roll, thought I’d get the gas pedal in and see about making a cable/linkage to the TB, but realized my pedal was busted and previous owner had it rigged to barely work. gonna have to source a new one on ebay…

got the steering column in and made up a connection linkage using a piece of a crown vic shaft I sawzalled off at the junkyard

apparently I took all blurry pics this weekend. fuckin A.

anyways, I fucked up on the steering linkage because I thought I could use the original damper pad mounting rig from the stock column, but it just made everything sloppy. since I already cut, sleeved, welded and pinned the linkage, I needed a 1/4" spacer give or take. raided the scrap bin and welded a motorcycle front sprocket in. LOL. it’s pretty well centered and does the job.