'72 F-series project


the problem is that most of us DIYers start with raggedy shitty junkyard harnesses with brittle, sticky tape and stiff wiring. If I ever make another harness I’m starting one from scratch, would be so much easier.


Im the second person?





Wiring is acquired. I’ve stared at diagrams for years until it finally clicked.


over the weekend I broke down and ordered a factory wiring manual. Google wasn’t cutting it.

I also went to the junkyard to grab some small things I needed…like a rear end brake “Y” for the brake lines, these anti-interference resistor things for the coil packs, and a shift boot. temporarily mounted my fuel pump and filter where I want them, soldered a return fitting to the fuel pickup, made an old broken ratchet into my shifter, made the tunnel cover fit over the shifter via holesaw, and mocked up the boot.



Oh, the wilwood brake proportioning valve fits perfect where the previous fuel tank switch went with a nice grommet. will be able to reach down next to my seat belt to adjust on the fly.


pump and filter along passenger frame rail



that shifter is sweet as hell

any worries about the frame chafing through that fuel filter line?


yup. ran out of grommets like I used for the oil filter relocation stuff but I’ll be putting one where the fuel line passes through as well.


In a pinch I use silicone vac line split in half and superglue it in since I always have a bunch. Not applicable here but work/looks excellent when you have a large opening too big for a grommet like for an intake tube.


I’ve done similar before as well. The grommets worked so well for the oil lines and the proportioning valve I might just get a bulk kit to keep around for future stuff.


all the brake lines are done, bed is back on and bolted down, and I made an exhaust hanger about 3/4 the way down the pipe. starting to look like a truck again…

things left:
-power steering lines
-fuel lines
-steering linkage
-clutch cable
-throttle cable
-reassemble front clip and mount doors

Also…I went to the junkyard to try to pull the A/c stuff from the '76 and everything I touched crumbled from age. Gave up on it…and Checko made a good point…I have two other vehicles and multiple motorcycles…if it’s “too hot” I can drive something else. also truck has slider rear window and smokers windows so should be no big deal. fuck A/c.


Why dont the U bolts come all the way through the nuts here?



good catch. I ordered brand new u-bolts online and they were incorrect. They wouldn’t refund or figure out which to exchange them for, so now I’m gonna end up cleaning up the old explorer ones I have and using those as they fit properly.


Ah, gotcha.


Google Buffalo Spring, they’ll either have them, or make them on the spot. Highly recommended folks, they’re by Upstate behind Starbucks across the street-ish from Target on Walden.


That’s actually right by work, I’ll give 'em a call tomorrow. Thanks!


I used Brute spring on Seneca just off the 190 for my Xterra they bent custom U bolts for me for the lifted spring pack


Well, I spent the entire day on wiring.

I went on ebay last week and bought a CD with all of the diagrams on it, down to specific pin-outs of each connector and how the wires are route in the mustang to help locate said connectors. garbage can is nearly full now, and I’m down to just making the truck’s OEM key cylinder operate in place of the mustang weird slider-block ignition switch setup…and running wires to the in-line fuel pump in place of the mustang’s fuel pump module. I’ve written crude plans for both…probably gonna do that monday after work and connect a battery and see if she rolls over. If it fires up and runs, I can route the wires how I want and trim/extend whatever I need to and loom it up.

Running list of what’s left besides these minor wiring tasks:
-figure out power steering lines
-make steering column linkage to Crown Victoria rack
-run clutch cable
-run throttle cable
-run fuel lines (was suppsed to have hel here to do them in nylon, but tired of waiting. probably gonna run all EFI rubber line monday)
-add brake fluid and bleed
-change out rear dif cover and fluid
-top off trans fluid (leaked during R/R of drivetrain so many times)
-figure out coolant lines/res
-re-install front clip
-re-install rear cab glass
-re-mount doors
-bedliner cab floor
-re-wire original head/tail/turn/reverse lamps

some pics from today.


not at all sketchy way to pin-out ignition switches.


“Fuel Pump Shit”, if I didn’t know better, I’d think I wrote that. LOL.


Mmmm, that Vanilla Porter is tasty.


^ that’s the only way to wire.