'72 F-series project


this makes me feel better, thanks drew!

I really really wanted true dual exhaust. so I just wanted to toss something functional together. And realistically, I think if I get bored with the power and see low 20’s for MPG I might grab a 5.4 triton block and put together a swap with that involving a blower of sorts next winter. we’ll see. Trying to wrap this up reasonably quick so I can get back to some bike builds and focus stuff.


I have a spare 6.0 Ls around, when are we putting it in…?


^ This!

needs more cam lope!




Inb4Nickgetsangry lol.


hit the junkyard on saturday and was barely lucky enough to find anything I needed. Got an aluminum driveshaft out of a ford econoline van that’s gonna work with a yoke swap, some of the wiring pigtails that were busted or missing from my harness, and an electric fan from a grand marquis. Also, @mahoneybags21 was nice enough to grab my dual core all aluminum rad from MAC’s before swinging to the junkyard to help me yank all this crap.


got the old body mounts torched out with @checko, and wirewheeled most of the rear frame. got sick of tossing rust dust and drilled some holes to fit up the crown vic rear swaybar and brand new taurus end links.

gonna clean up the econoline DS and drop it off at fleetpride tomorrow with the shitty steel mustang DS to have them swap the yoke with new u-joints and balance it. gonna finish the rear of the frame tonight and get it in POR15, and if time permits move on to begin pulling my hair out and swearing at a wiring harness. hopefully have fuel and brake lines done mid-week and see if I can manage to have the harness done by the weekend. Need to locate a pre-98 4.6 MAF sensor, I realized I don’t have one, and every single 4.6 at M&M had it pulled already. fuckers.


i love how you can use readily available parts out of the Ford parts bin on this. sweet


it’s the biggest reason I’m doing this the way I am, with the powerplant I am.

Every single swap component of this will be serviceable with OEM parts available at any parts store chain.

For shits and giggles I’m keeping all the ABS shit and A/c shit to set aside in case I decide to punish myself enough to get those parts functioning later. There’s a '76 f150 at the yard with a/c and the firewall and dash are almost identical to my '72, so I MAY try to go again saturday to yank all of the interior/firewall parts of the A/c system in the event I want to pair it with the mustang a/c pump and drier.


A/C-yes, I could see not wanting to sweat balls in the summer. ABS-fuck that shit!!!


well, driveshaft shit was a total bust. The econoline shaft I got at M&M had a small dent in it won’t balance out. The trans yoke is different, and so are the U-joint sizes. The mustang yoke apparently was shot anyway, the cups for the U-joints just spin in it anyways. luckily, I paid the extra $2 for warranty on the econoline shaft so I can return it…but it was the only one they had, and I don’t want to sit and wait for another to show up in the yard and the warranty is only 30days anyhow.

best case scenario, I’d be able to trade it out for one that isn’t dented, then would need a new yoke, conversion U-joint, and balance…which is about $165 or so.

Fleetpride can make me a custom shaft, brand new…with all new parts and u-joints, for $294 out the door. so I said do it.

once it’s done I can go return the econoline shaft to get my money back from M&M. guess I’m going saturday so I can get my money back and maybe grab the a/c box from the '76 F-150 there and hunt for a MAF. would be cool to have it wrapped up for sunday’s dyno day


I run a fleetpride shaft in the Nova and Camaro. Good people. Great shaft :heyyyyyyyyy:


good call on the new shaft, one less thing to worry about and it’s brand new/warrantied.


any mustang guys wanna help me tackle wiring the next couple evenings?

scored a MAF on ebay for $20 shipped. fingers crossed it arrives in a timely manner and is functional.

last night I did the POR15 on the frame, tonight I’ll top coat and start repairing busted wiring connectors for the coils and MAF/IAT. then I’ll basically scratch my head looking at the rest of the harness. Hopefully can get to the fuel and brake lines tomorrow or friday. then bed can go back on, and once the wiring is done the front clip can go back on. then it’s simple stuff like bedliner on the cab floor inside and trim shit.


back half of the frame is done


driveshaft was done before I left work so I picked it up and went to install, and it was too long. accounting for the recommended .75-1" of play that should exist in the trans yoke, it was 1" too long. Yoke bottomed out, I was 1/4" shy of mounting to the rear diff. So I dropped it back off this morning to FleetPride for that to be corrected.

started on wiring…replaced the fucked up pigtails for the coil packs, cam sensor, MAF, and IAT. Then laid out the whole harness I received from the infamous mustang owner that sold me all this shit. Many cut wires and a lot of stuff I have no idea what it goes to but assume is unnecessary…so I’ve called in help for this evening to look over the harness and label what I need to keep…

I was able to determine what wires were for ABS and the headlights, turns, fogs, and horns…all of it is now clipped out.



fuck every bit of wiring




I’d rather blow torch my balls then do wiring



also, I decided the best way to address the wiring was pick colors I don’t like and cut those color wires out, starting with the color I like least working my way to only having colors I thought would look nice in my kitchen in the harness. Hopefully this approach works well.




I must be the only person in the world who loves automotive wiring.

It’s so fuckin’ simple, and so easy to do right and make it look good.

The misspelling makes this extra funny.