'72 F-series project


There has to be a bypass for this we are not talking about some breakable security mechanism.

And quickly reading other posts online people can tune it out for $100 on corral


I have a friend in Raleigh that owns a Mustang performance shop. Piedmont Custom Motorsports. I know he does a lot of tuning, I bet he’d be able to help tune it out. I could talk to him.


^ I did see that youtube video, but he states that this process is for if you have ONE working transponder key and want to avoid paying the fees to have a second key made as a spare…meaning you cut basic keys and use the only remaining chip key you have to bypass the PATS.

I’ll have to find those people that can tune out the PATS for $100. I know I can take the ignition cyl in and have it keyed for $45 at a locksmith.

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If this system is what @<b><a href=“http://www.nyspeed.com/member.php?u=4783” target="_blank">pirite</a></b> has at work, I’d have to get the whole truck done and tow it there to do this process, but it’s only $55.


Do you know what these are?


[TABLE=“class: Alternating”]
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Model Type
Single Vehicle
Ford Credits

Unlimited Year/Model
Ford Credits


BA, BF, FG models (Including A6 TCM support)


I have HP tuners it supports a bunch of Ford models however

Crown Victoria 4.6 is what it lists for support I don’t know what BA, BF. FG are though.




"for Ford keys (1996 -early 1998 Ford, Lincoln, Mercury)
If you want to initiate a new master key…

  1. Insert new key into ignition cylinder and turn it to the ON (RUN) position. The security light on the dash will flashfor fifteen minutes.

  2. When the security light stops flashing, you have FIVE minutes to start the next step. Turn the ignition cylinder OFF and then back to the ON (RUN) position. The security light on the dash will flash for fifteen more minutes.

  3. When the security light stops flashing, you have FIVE minutes to start the next step. Turn the ignition cylinder to OFF and then back ON (RUN) position. The dash will flash for fifteen more minutes.

  4. After the security light stops flashing the third time, the new key has been programmed into the vehicles computer and will operate the car. It has replaced ALL the previous electronic key codes and is the ONLY key programmed into the vehicles computer.

If you want to add a key…

  1. Insert an existing key into the ignition cylinder.

  2. Turn the ignition cylinder to ON (RUN) and back to OFF.

  3. Remove the existing key and, within 15 seconds, insert the new key and turn it to ON (RUN).

  4. The security light will light up for two seconds to indicate success in programming the key into the vehicle.

  5. Don’t attempt to start the vehicle with any key for at least 1 minute."

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not a clue…

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There was only one guy I saw that had posted a handful of times that he’d flash out PATS and emissions for $100 but he hasn’t posted since august 2013. I emailed him anyway. It seems any tuner should be able to do it, so I’m gonna call around and see what a basic tune of that nature would cost local.


Do these things work? http://www.onthegoaudio.com/pats.htm

I assume this it much like VATS in the F-bodies, which from what I remember, was super easy to bypass in mine.


Those look like body codes. So if that’s the case, they would be body codes for Australian market Falcons.

Body codes for Crown Vic, Grand Marquis, Town Car are - A, MA, DT



hmm, could it really be this cheap and easy?


I saw that too… The reviews are mixed, but more than half the human population is retarded.


Seriously how did you not google or research this before :lol:

You’re dealing with PCM technology from the 90s this isn’t quantum computing

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" The555P provides a valid code to the vehicle whenever it is remote started, but does not affect the immobilizersystem during normal vehicle operation; the immobilizer system remains fully functional."



$200 for a basic tune flash plus shipping there. $150 just for a PATS delete flash.


You know I don’t know how to read


Seems like a no-brainer to me. I also sent my buddy in Raleigh a message and asked him about it. He’s a good friend so maybe he can give you a hookup.


Shipped out the ecu for the tune and PATS delete. Went to the yard today and scored a good condition explorer rear end




Is that off the 94!


it was off a 99 I think. I looked at 5 or 6 until I found this one, I didn’t want to buy one that had the bushings all romped out and rusty bolts/cables. this one went fairly well on removal, didn’t even have to cut any bolts.


Weird I had a 08 Grand Marquis with 2.73 gears and the 4.6L.

It would get 16mpg no matter what I did to it. Never even close to 20.


Gotta drive like a grampa, typically I got 16-19. My father in law has had 4 or 5 of these cars and he gets 21-23 pretty consistently.


This started out strong…then the last 2-3 pages has pretty much been about a key.

Update? Curious how long the focus will be the DD after the '12 is turned back in. Saw earlier in the thread that will be next month lol.