'72 F-series project


So now I’m thinking I’m better off with a different rear axle.

Stock Dana 60 is 65"

explorer is 59.625"

F150 is 65.5, but drum brake

crown victoria is 62.8"

I think I have to ditch this Limited slip disc brak 31 spline 8.8 in lieu of a crown vic rear end if I want disc brakes out back. Mahoneybags was at m&m this morning and said he found an f150 with an 8.8 positrac rear end, but those are drum brake…


@focusinprogress if your serious I’ll take the 8.8. I need one anyways for the mustang.


just listed it on CL. have everything with it, including brand new rotors in box.


I have it listed at my break-even. make sure your stock axle is close-ish to 59.625" wheel mounting surface to wheel mounting surface.


Mine is 59.5. This is the rear all the budget mustang guys use.

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I prob can’t grab it for a week or 2. But I’ll deff take it nick.


OK. is that due to cash or due to arranging picking it up?


Mostly pickup. Also little cash lol. Sabres season ticket payment comes out this week. So that goes fun $$ for the week. Unless you want a couple pair of tickets as trade :slight_smile:


nah, cash is king my friend. lol. Looks like there’s currently two 06+ crown victorias at m&m. need to take a trip somehow this week and see what the axle tags say. want to grab one with trac-lok and prefferably the 3.55 ratio as opposed to the 3.27


I figured. It’s deff something I’ll be needing this winter/spring time. I’ll shoot you a message mid week and hopefully grab it if it’s still around. Just happens that iv been ordering some motor parts as well to hopefully get this 5.0 all set to drop in when time allows.


so, trying to maintain steam on the project, last night I got the new swaybar mounting brackets in place, drilled and bolted in. Then I moved on to yank the brake booster/master, pedal assembly, steering column and brace for that, and then started getting the mustang brake master and pedal box in. the two mount together sandwiching the firewall. I drilled the holes base on the existing opening for the plunger linkage to pass through the firewall, and upon bolting the pedal box on the other side realized it puts the brake pedal where the steering column needs to be. So I took it all back out and called it a night. going to have to decide if I want to move it or make new pedals that loop around the column somehow.

f250 master vs mustang one:


got the brake master mounted and figured out how I can get around the issue with the brake lever on the pedal box hitting the steering column…I’ll get pics of that when I modify the pedalbox and whatnot.

I have been spending my evening cutting out the rusty floors and front cab mounts, replacing with fresh metal.

Passenger side is complete, driver side is cut out.

before shot:

here’s the new pan and cab mount in place on the passenger side, and the rusty bit of firewall above the flange seam

in progress (all of the plug welds evar)


Seam sealed

Flintstone mod




finished up the driver side floor pan last night. gonna move on to getting these seats I grabbed from a 2001 f150 to make them fit, then I’ll roll the cab onto it’s back so I can weld where the cab mounts meet the floor pans. maybe sunday.


Looks good! I actually feel like it would be fun to have a probect like this. Ive been watching roadkill a lot lately lol




Decided it was time to get seating in order. Last night I made up a seat base to mount to the floor of the truck and mount the 2001 f-150 seats to it. somehow managed to retain use of the slider lever after some bending of them to get them to work.

and the storage bin that I swiped from the same truck as the seats manages to fit as well!


I liked the old seats, those are too new for this IMO.


nice little budget restomod flair.


ideally I wanted this very seat set in tan, but when scouring the junkyard beggars cant be choosers. the stock bench seat was ROMPED and I hated how bouncy it was. I am building this truck to use, and use often…so I want it to be comfortable. I am hoping I can find some reasonably priced covers for these seats to make them look more like they belong in the truck. I absolutely love having the armrest that folds up to still provide a third seat when needed.


I guess I just like this style:



Bench seats are fucking awesome when chicks are in the car/truck.