92 Integra or 96 Avenger or 91 Celica

Ok so I’ve had a few topics asking others to tell me what car I want and I’m doing it again. I found some cars in my price range and have reduced the possibilities to 3.

There is a manual 1992 Acura Integra with 120,000 miles on the body and 22,000 on the new engine, a 1991 Toyota Celica GT but the guy didnt answer the phone so I don’t know if it’s manual or what the miles are, and there’s a manual 1996 Dodge Avenger with 90,000 miles.

I want the celica but it might have more miles than I want. I was wondering how many miles it takes until each of these cars start to fall apart and need rapairing. I am also wondering which one would be fast after about $1,500- 2,000 in mods.

avenger is obviously a no no

search harder, those options are :bloated:

whats your range

The only decent cars within the distance that im willing to drive are thos eones. I dont want to spend more than $5,500 and I can’t get a mustang because I won’t be able to get collision on my insurance for it and I don’t feel like paying for it if I hit someone.

there are millions of cars for 5500 you can buy

very clean s13 + mods
eg civic
mk2 mr2 turblow
galant vr4 like sleepys

i dunno i spent 4 seconds coming up with those cars, there are 10000s more

good luck

When I look on autotrader I dont find any around zip code 14120. In the paper either.

Look for 95-96 Maximas, manual. Much faSstar than anything youre looking at, ins is good, luxurious, dont break (except for my 3 maximas)

so yeah. buy a maxima and be happy…

Remember when I said the only ones I could find around me were the ones listed above? Oh yeah I said it the time I listed those. Maybe you werent paying attention but I looked for a lot of stuff and COULDN"T find anything around me.

This is the first time someone said maxima so I looked for that and no dice. The only one had 121,000 miles.

your seriously not looking hard enough then… try car specific forums

:gtfo: :noob:

i guess since you cant look more than 5 miles out of your zipcode you’ll be stuck buying some POS. but since you are only looking 5 miles out of your zipcode its obvious you really dont care about cars anyways / i went to delaware to get mine, and i know someone else in this thread got his car from somewhere like washington or some other crazy far away state



look into either a clean nissan s13 chasis and swap the motor/tranny


look for a clean well maintained dsm

my .02

You live in NT…oh noes :frowning: But yeah for 5,500 you can get a lot more car. I mean I bought my hot piece for 5,900 two years ago.

Considering the title of this topic, I’m getting an awful lot of retarded feedback from people. I didnt ask for sympathy, I asked what people thought was better of the three listed.

Sureshot really likes to say things against people considering how he has a 12 year old asian girl as his signature. Why would he have that? Is that him before or after the operation?

i am 12 you dumbass

Wow good response. I take that picture is a post op then? I guess it was money well spent if you like young guys.

FYI- My car was $5500 last year and can pound an Avenger, Celica, and a stock swap Integra as well.

DSM > * , but it’s not for the lazy person. Maintenence can be a bitch.

But I honestly don’t know if you know what kind of car you want. An Avenger is worlds away from a Integra or Celica.


Lexus SC400

Or buy a V6 mustang or fbody and swap a V8 in it. That way you get the V8 power but only pay the V6 insurance.

Save and wait to buy what you want, not what you can find. You will hate yourself later if you dont. Also grow a set and be willing to drive to get a car. The chances of you finding some great car 5miles from your house are slim to none. I drove to NJ 3times to get my car. I was also going to go to IL to look at one because it was what i wanted.

92 integra

u can go search a lil farther and geta real nice honda for that price :slight_smile:

settle down.

look more than 5 miles away.

if you have to get one of those cars, the integra will be your best bet for reliability.

come up with 7k and i know a freshly painted turbo hatch you can buy

Mine was from Connecticut. Worth the trip.

Decide what you really want in a car, (straight-line? twisties? two-door, four-door? turbo? s/c?, etc., etc.,) narrow those options down into three specific models (Integra GSR, FC RX-7, Grand Prix GTP, etc.) of automobiles, then Google those cars to see if there are specific websites dedicated to them.

Learn what makes a used version of that car desirable/not desirable - tranny probs, headgaskets, brake issues, etc. - so that when you do decide to look at a car here, or elsewhere, you know what to look for.

Then hit up sites like autotrader.com and figure out what the cars are going for in the market. If it’s a drive to go look at one, make a roadtrip out of it with some of your friends and enjoy it. Get what you want.

That said, you’ll probably get the most bang for the buck out of the teg. Parts are plentiful and relatively cheap.