'95 R33 4 $16k





here was my idea to legalize one in the us.

buy a 1989-1990 something 240 or anythign nissan for a few hundred bucks…even if its the shell.

use that vin, and “register” the crap car, and slap that on the skyline.

if anyone asks (cops, insurance) etc etc., its all custom body work, but still has the 240 chassis. A cop/insurance agency is not gonna know.

just never get in an accident :stuck_out_tongue:

that price might even be a bit high…

thats funny US VIN with RHD…i am suprised newman hasnt gotten in any trouble for his RHD yet…and GT-S are only worth about 20k or so so its not too much of a deal

especially since i lost the original vin plate and threw out the firewall.


lmao… pwnage

is there a vin on the chassis anywhere else?

they are worth a lot less than that. you can get them for less in canada all day long.

and i am sure they are selling it becasue its been here too long and the feds are all over them to crush it.

and it needs more than those 2 things they listed to legalize it. (i posted how to on the barf)
i have thought about the vin swap with a 240, but i dont think that is the best way to go about it. there are pleanty of other laws you can take advantage of and make it legit.

the vin is stamped all over the car

U could pass it off as a limited edition 2 dr maxima

You could buy the drivetrain and chassis separate and put it back together as a kit car.

you certainly could :wink:

it is much easier to get a real vin that way.

why arnt skylines legal in the US?


It isn’t as simple as emissions.

Emissions, safety, VIN’s, fluids, and a whole lot of other DOT regulations.

yup yup…to get a legalized skyline gts like thar would prolly cost about 45k

^^ its not that much, its more like 30, and that is for R34’s. and yea, its way more than emissions, infact it would probably pass sniffer test – japan safety reg’s are way different than ours, need a lot of renforcement crap put in it to weigh it down like a cock slut to make it us DOT legit :tup: :tup:

A cock slut ehh??

thats the least of your worries. nothing a few cats wont fix

no where near that much

no, it wont

actually its just a few renforcements

and again, i posted EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT LEGALIZING ONE on the barf. you people spewing “facts” need to go do some homework.

for those of you too lazy to search


and i am sure you are all too lazy to click those links and read them, but i assure you all the crash test data and what not is contained in those pdf’s.