97' Viper mods


I am doing a little re-fresh on the ol’ girl (1997 GTS).

Comp cam to greg good spec 232/240 @.05" ish, greg good gen 3 heads, custom intake manifold.

I’m doing new slow bleed lifters, Cloyes 3 bolt timing chain, ARP head studs, Hardened push rods, stock gen 4 head gaskets (I think), ati blower dampener, M&M 1 7/8" headers, Id1050X, dual in take pumps,

Planning on running 15psi or so out of the novi 2000 stacked with maybe a 100hp shot for fun. Should wake her up a bit. Previous numbers were something like 490whp/550wtq with just bolt ons.

Started working on the car Monday night and worked on her for two hours last night.




Intake manifold holds a lot of fuel lol.


Hardest part so far was taking the old headers apart without damaging them. What a PITA.

Walls show some slight scuffing, can still see the cross hatching.

Passenger head and header should be off tonight, front cover and cam should be out by this weekend. Waiting on a few parts to show up still, but I’m hoping to have it running again in ~3 weeks.


Nice, this will be making some serious power.

Your old numbers are almost identical to mine currently with cam and full exhaust and whatever else the PO threw at it that I’m not aware is there. What else did you have done?

What are you using for tuning? Is this something the stock ecm can handle?

I’ll be watching this closely. I’m still intimidated to dig into mine.


These cars are SUPER easy to work on. They built them as race cars so most parts are fairly easy to get at.

My car was just ported tb, ported intake, headers, exhaust, 3:73 gears just minor stuff really.

I’ll be running the stock ecu with a 2 bar map and an SCT for now. It isn’t the best set up but will work, this winter I might go to a Lsx coil per cylinder set up and run Mega squirt. I like the idea of being able to run e85/93 on the fly.

I’m hoping this new set up makes 850 ish. Similar heads/cam set ups make 615whp+ so I’m hoping with some boost on top of that we’ll make some more jams.


With SCT tuning, you have to start totally from scratch on the fueling tables, correct? Do you have a starting point for the table values? How does that all work?

Do you have to scan for inspection where you are? If so, what do you do about rear o2’s and all of that, just run spacers, or is there a way to tune them out like you can with HP tuners?

Sorry for grilling you with questions haha. With work being crazy since I’ve bought my car, I barely scratches the surface on researching this stuff.


SCT has some base maps, but they need to be revised obviously. I’ll probably just do a remote tune with someone because I don’t really want to get into the sct software. Mines a 97 for the ECU doesn’t actually use the rear 02’s lol. You just leave them plugged in and tucked out of the way and no codes haha.


I love this car!


i love this build! any new additions to the mods?


Awesome build!


I stopped working on this in the winter because my basement flooded and I’ve been re-doing that, while trying to enjoy the summer. So I’ve been blasting around in my Corvette all summer while this sat. Need to finish it up and decided if I’m running an ice tank in the rear for the air to water cooler. I’ll have it finished by the end of the year I hope lol. Wife has family coming into town for a wedding so I need to make sure our basement is 100% first.


Too bad. Can’t wait to see it done.