A Big :tup: to STEALTTHy Jon


After 25 minutes of Jon’s work:

I just want to make it clear: the car that knicked me in the parking lot did not leave it’s paint on my car. My paint was removed. The scratches could be clearly felt by running a finger over them before. Now the entire bumper is smooth.

So :tup::tup::tup: to a standup guy who knows his paintwork.

Jon I owe you a few drinks if I see you out.

:tup: nice work.

Jons are good peoples.

looks good

good work as always jon :tup:

i will more than likely be employing said stealtth come summer time to help me clean up my kaa

and the stupid key marks someone decided to leave all down the drivers side of my car…

nice ass job :tup:

You look funny in the relfection :lol:

Glad you’re happy man :tup:

Hopefully the weather will get nicer so I can finish cleaning out my garage and get detailing.

nice work, maybe next time am home I will look you up. I have a rear fender with some scratches I can not buff out.

lol why? cuz I’m squatting down?

I was actually taking a picture and a poop at the same time. :tup: for multitasking

i was gonna make that comment, but im like…nahhhh:lol: