A few words of advice on BMW 740's

Never buy one.

Thank you.

These cars always have problems, bad bushings, always leak coolant, if you own one sell it. If you want to get it fixed, have mercy on your shop and your check book and sell it. If you really just love the car and really dont want to sell it, sell it.

Sorry just a rant, i hate them.

:lol: great first post. Welcome aboard mark.

HAHAHHAHAHAA…funny shit :rofl:

:wave: what’s up

Cant ya tell how I feel about my job lately?

now does this include the 760il as well?

but u guys…bmw’s are fun and inexpensive for parts and repair …:bloated:

heh no yours is just inexpensive cause your ignoring all that needs to be fixed

SHHHH…quiet you!!!

i’m not spending a crap load of money for a damn piece of plastic so that my OBC stops saying break light circuit failure…:rofl:

meh…i’ll buy it at some point…LOL

if it has a warranty just plan to sell it before that runs out

Damn this is the exact same thing, to the tee, that I was going to post about dsms when my car had all of those problems.

And whats up Emill

and some reason all i can hear in the background is “cry me a river”…lol HI mark welcome, lol, i feel you on that…i stick it japanese cars :slight_smile:


That volin needs to be smaller… so that there is a smiley of the world’s smallest violin playing a sorrowful sorrowful tune.
You want a cheap car to fix… by a pedal cart from Toys-R-Us… because the whole damned thing cost 100 bux.

treak’s seemed to run flawlessly…?