A true cone-killer.

And of course more proof women can’t drive.



i wish snow was that grippy. that is like driving on a slushy street :slight_smile: .

they should have inslited a few of us seasoned vets for the snow drifto haha

lol, I would have ripped the ebrake around those turns in that neon, driven faster and knocked over less cones.


HAHAH! they suck!

back in the days when i was young and wreckless with a 98 red cavalier… Ahhhh yes… the gold ol’ days…

Hell, give me snow tires and disconnect the abs, and id do that at 40 without hitting a single cone…

Who is Mr. Toad and what is his “wild ride” (2:36)?

Oh, and:


come next snowfall we should gtg and do some dorifto comp…