accident total lost, need advice

hey guys

my friend’s mr2 turbo just got in a big accident this morning.

his ok right now, his head just cut open 7inch, no big deal lol.

he is just wondering where he can get his car back, cuz he went to the hospital shortly after the accident in markham


find out what tow truck company took it

hmm…but any tow truck just tows it to the police pound? or somewhere else?

usally but in his police report (which sould be done right away) it usally give you a insodent number ask them for a copie of it it will say which company took it and where it went

if the cops took it it would be williams towing off heritage rd… north east of mccowan n 7 behind mazda dealership
what happen?

Contact the towing yard

If it’s a total loss, insurance company would want at it.

It’s still technically his property so he can have it towed home but it would be at his cost unless you convince the ins company to pay for it since they’ll be saving on impound fees.


looking at the date i initially thought about the car that smashed into a tree on carlton and kennedy. but that was i a crv if i rmb right. hope your body is doing well.