"Aftermarket switch from AWD to RWD"....

So i was looking at JNS imports stock and i noticed that one of their gtrs says that it has an “Aftermarket switch from AWD to RWD”. A couple weeks ago I got really damn bored and decided to read the gtrs manual (http://psedog.com/gtr_32_service_manual.pdf). Well it says right on page 15 that in order to change the vehicle from AWD to 2WD you just need to remove the fuse for the AWD. So is JNS basically trying to change “hey look we removed a fuse” to “AFTERMARKET SWITCH!!”? Or am I mistaken. 8)

Ok so i already think I caught my mistake. When it states 2wd in the manual it means the front wheels I think. Then heres another question. Whats required to make the gtr a RWD car. And why… gtr’s unique 4wd system is what makes it what it is.

There is a BEE-R unit I have seen in some Skylines that can change the car between 4wd to 2wd …it probably acts on the same systems as these fuses work with so it has the same end result …

Andre with IC had to dyno his GTR so he removed 2 fuses for the Atessa system and it worked well …so it is possible

Apparently it can cause major damage if you leave it that way though.
I heard it’s OK for a few dyno runs but that is all, can’t leave it that way??
Apparently the only true safe way is to remove the front driveshaft.

So I have heard!!

just a GRID controller

yeah I et it could if you took corners and such that way …I would be worried

i remember an article on how they could manipulate the G-sensors to make the car believe it was understeering and rebias the power to more RWD.

i believe it was in autoweek. there were wiring diagrams and everything too. there was an easy version and a hard one. either way, atleast you wouldn’t be too hard on the car all the time.

That was on autospeed.com.au

AH hell! that’s why i couldn’t find it. :oops:

No damage is caused to the car in any way. Atessa will act funny (go on and off maybe) after you put the fude back in. But thats just it resetting.

If you want to do it the proper way you only have to drop the front drive shaft.

how are you sure this is not causing any damage ? just because nothing has been broken yet ? or is there anything documentation that can explain this as I am sure GTR owners do not want to try this because “someone said on this internet” then pay to fix it when it was incorrect

theres the hks torque balance controller where you can control the torque to the front wheels to a full 50% or to none at all :E