Anyone have a theory as to what my security camera captured 4/19 at 10:19pm? It wasn’t loud enough that I noticed it from inside the house but we would have been in bed, with the windows closed. Bright enough that it lit up the street pretty well. You can see the light ball move across the sky in the reflection in my car’s back window. It sounds kind of like a jet, but I’ve never seen a jet bright enough to light up my street.

I’m going to pull the actual files when I get home and see if it’s better quality than the clip I can make in the app.

My guess would be police chopper with spotlight looking for someone.

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I thought about that but it went by fast if they were looking for something. Plus it didn’t sound like a chopper, though the audio on the video is pretty terrible.

That’s a bright light. My guess would be either police helo with spot light or an asteroid?

It’s slow moving from the video.

My neighbor has a newer Ring that’s a lot better quality than my old 720pm cam I use to watch the driveway. Waiting to hear back from him.

Possible plane coming in for a landing? Could be using the landing lights which are pretty bright compared to their normal lights they have on during flight. Sounds like a jet/commuter plane.

That’s what I’m thinking too, jet with landing lights. I’m in Williamsville, Maple/Hopkins area so not that far from the airport. Even still I’ve seen planes fly over with landing lights on but never where they were bright enough to reach the ground to cast a shadow under my tree like they did in the video.

Next door neighbor checked his cameras, nothing triggered after his wife took the dogs out at 9:15. Another neighbor just replied to my FB post and said they heard it and wondered what it was. Waiting for another neighbor to check his Ring and let me know if he has any video.

Not sure if something like a refueling jet would have brighter lights or not. Just another suggestion.

I’m a long ways from the AFB. Can’t imagine why a refueler would be that low over Williamsville at 10pm on a Monday.

UPDATE: Someone on FB said a really loud helicopter went over that night. So maybe it was a heli with a spotlight and you just can’t hear the “whomp whomp” of the blades on the crappy video.

I have no idea but I hope it’s aliens

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*Meteor. And much too slow.


Don’t bring science in this thread!

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