Alignment Needed - Who to go see?


It’s been some time since this question was asked after searching. I’m looking to see first if any has recommendations on shops to go to to get an alignment done? Do we have any guys on here who have shops that do alignments?

If not, who is the shop to go see?

Anyone know of life time alignments or multi year plans out there?


If it’s a car I plan to keep I usually get the lifetime alignment from Firestone. Been using the one at Maple and NFB since it’s closest to my house/work.

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I know Goodyear had something like this but then when I did go to get it a few years ago, it turned into a 3 year situation. I’d love to get a lifetime as I do not plan to sell my S2000 any time soon, if ever. Would love a yearly alignment even if not needed. Unfortunately I really need one as the camber is way off on my front wheel from before I bought the car.


Can you buy adjustable control arms then do it yourself?


Right now I’m planning to keep everything oem. Eventually just looking to get new wheels. But where I stand now, that may be a year or 2 with too much other stuff to pay for. Between all the stuff I’m doing around the house and now planning a wedding, car stuff is at a minimum when it comes to cost.


How much is the camber off? OEM usually won’t have very much camber correction, but I don’t know specific for the S2K.

If it’s off a really significant amount you may actually have a bent control arm or bad bushing.

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Wieland Automotive or Elma Automotive would be my two go to shops with lowered and/or modified cars.

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Just enough to be burning up the tread on the inside of the tire. Nothing excessive to which the wheels look tipped in. They do have some adjustments that can be made but we will find out when I take it in. If it’s something bent/needing replaced, I’ll make sure to do the labor myself with oem and take it back for an alignment again.


Firestone is $200 for the lifetime alignment. When asked how often you can use it, they said as much as you want. I’ll end up confirming this when I go in because it sounds a bit odd. The one I did with Goodyear, they only let me come 2 times a year. (Not that I was looking to even do 2 a year or more)

Currently they have a $20 off lifetime alignment till the 8th. Coupon online for anyone wanting to do this. You can pay ahead of time if you aren’t able to get the car done by the 8th.


Firestone is every 6 months or 6k miles, lifetime of the vehicle.

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