AMC's Breaking Bad

Tried searching but I never saw a thread started for this show. Anyways, end of 3rd season, so did Jesse kill Gail afterall!?!? God I can’t wait six months =(

Probably my favorite show on tv.

Whether is he killed Gail or not, he is definitely “gone.” Otherwise, Jesse and Walter would have to be dead, pretty much ruling out any chance for a fourth season.

thats what i was thinking^^ otherwise the gunshot at the end was from victor, but then walt would also have to die. ugh this is going to be one long summer

Loved this season, I need to catch up on previous seasons

nvm, just went on to AMC , it was jesse who fired the gun

That’s what I thought.

I have the first two seasons.

I think they are going to end up having the cartel kill Gus, seems like they are heading that way. Guess we will have to wait to find out.

great show… I keep thinking they’re going to run out of plot, but they prove me wrong each time.

thats what I initially thought when Walt’s cancer started to regress, i was like wtf is he gonna do now, hes a murdering drug dealer who planned on dying and is now healthy, so whats he do? he just kills more people and sells more drugs!


bryan kranston is my favorite actor period, never really got into this show although I think people take him for granted in malcom in the middle

BUMP! Just watched last night’s show, made my heart rate triple.

After last weeks episode it better have. I like the direction they’re going. Watching this show is like every time I watch Blow. I want to start drug rings and call them “the fam”… wait… nm. Did that. lol

This is the best show on television right now

Would be so much better if he had blown off his bitch of a wife’s face instead of Gus’s though. Every time she is on the screen the show gets less enjoyable until she’s gone. Was rooting for Walt to put her through a wall when she called him out last episode.

I’m not reading anyone’s spoilers, because fucking Dish Network pulled AMC permanently a day before this season started. If I wasn’t moving soon I would have cancelled my service. With my shitty satellite internet I can’t stream it live, which is what AMC offered free for Dish customers. Like a day before, what a dick move. Jam, I need all this season’s episodes!


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Agreed, he needs to get rid of her and get a hot slam piece to match his new cars. I think Jessie needs to be a more important character this season, his being in the background the last few episodes kinda sucks.

Jesse was supposed to die at the end of the first season. Yo.

couldn’t agree more… I hope she gets killed off soon…