Andrew Cuomo Presidential Run Discussion Thread


Since we all know it’s going to happen, I wanted to start this thread so we can discuss it.


He’ll never make it past the primary. Between the safe act and “America was never that great” he has zero chance with independents and blue dog dems and they won’t put up another candidate who can’t win the general.


He has no chance running as a Democrat since he’s white & male. Maybe as a VP.


He’s pushing for this:

He’s going for the liberal Democrat vote.


It doesn’t matter if he’s the most progressive candidate in the whole country and somehow could manage an outright ban on all guns in NY. He’s part of the oppressive patriarchy and has white privilege so he can’t possibly represent the base of the Democrat party.

I’m not making this shit up, just ask Cynthia Nixon.

But if he were to transition to female… :thinking:


He’s got a point. No way their nominee will be a white hetero male.


is there a piece that references cynthia nixon’s perspective?


Cynthia Nixon’s team suggested that room temperatures were “notoriously sexist” in being geared toward the comfort level of most men.

(Mr. Cuomo is famous for preferring to make his public appearances in deeply chilled conditions.)

Totally sexist y0.


Man fuck this guy. I watched the debate between him and Molinaro (with Larry Sharpe’s commentary mixed in) and I couldn’t believe how fucked they both are.