Any dyno's available/open now?

I know its winter. I know winter sucks. I know most people’s cars are apart right now.

But alas mine is out and driving, and Id like to get some dyno pulls in. No tuning, no tinkering, just get some numbers to see where the old boat is at, and if Im low, figure out why.

Is the only dyno available New Era? Anybody know anybody else? Spina’s open now?

Anybody else interested in dyno time? Dyno day :poke: ?

Im just thinking out loud


+1 For New Era. Good guys, nice shop. I’ll be back there in the spring :wink:

I’ll make the trip with you, we’ll even bring tim, we can look at josh’s(ultradriver) vette as well/pick it up if it is ready.

i’d have to reflash to my summer tune but im definitely interested in some pulls.

I’ll talk with Tim tomorrow, Ill see what number of people we need to maybe get some discounts?

PM coming to New Era

Im thinking this week(end) even

I’d be in but the roads would have to be at least semi-dry

spina is open year round as well

come up to SG-Motorsport and run on the U2N Dynapak…

i gave Sasha a Y-pipe for his Z… he installs it in 25 minutes, dynos the car immediately to test the changes against his old maps…

portable dyno in the corner is retardedly baller.

we need an AWD dyno around here…


are they? I’d like to get some numbers on the :tspry: just to see how much loss i’m getting from my AWD system and weak ass 4 speed

Spinas :tup:

I went to Spina’s when I had the turbo hatch, he is a cool dude. Ill see what New Era has to say, then contact him.

Thanks for the plug Binzors.

As an added incentive, I am now taking US money at par.

Bahahahahaha - man I never thought I’d get to say that.

What ever happened to Innovative and them getting an AWD Dyno? No go anymore? Do they have a dyno at all?

doubt mike is getting one, ive been asking forever lol.

kennedys i would’nt recommend, they have mismatched rollers and will totally FCK your x-case

I have been wanting to take my SHO back there really bad. That is the first place I had it dynoed when i bought the car. the operator was astonished at 168whp I made with 200K on the car. I bet he would shit a brick when he sees 400 on the same car 3 years later. + I want a overlay of stock HP if he keeps reccords that long.

yea do not go to kennedy’s…

who has proven this problem with kennedys?