Any electricians interested in doing some work?

Well Im moving into a condo tomorrow and there are some things that I cant do myself that Im willing to pay someone to do. Im still checking to make sure Im not violating and rules and such but I dont really see why I would. Theres two things I want done:

  1. Replace bathroom vent fan with a bathroom vent fan with a heater (I have the switch and vent already for this)

  2. Install two ceiling fans into the two bedrooms. There is currently no overhead lighting so Im checking on what I have to do in this situation with the condo maintenece/staff inregards to running wires through the ceiling. I havent bought the ceiling fans yet but once I get word from them I’ll have them here waiting for you.

As far as pay, that is negotiable. Id prefer some one who is insured and has a good list of references. If you are a current electrician and are looking for a side job, lets talk. PM will be the best way to get a hold of me.

Oh and this is in Oakland

being in city of pittsburgh youll need a electrican that is licensed in PGH. Now you can have it done by someoen who isnt licensed but it may fuck you in the end

Save yourself some $ install it yourself and if it burns down you was drunk and on crack installing it…
if it does burn down blame the meth neighbor of trying to steal copper.

Contact nitroice40. I’d recommend him for all electrical work. Licensed/insured…etc.